The Lexar top 13 photo resolutions for 2013

By Lexar

1. Back up your photos.
Too many people learn the hard way that if your photos are not backed up and put away in a safe place, all your images could be lost with a hard drive crash.

2. Get out of automatic mode.
If you are using a DSLR camera in automatic mode, try switching to a mode like Aperture Priority or one of the preset advanced modes to get even better photos.

3. Learn how to resize images for email. 
Don’t be one of those people who shares vacation photos by sending a 60MB email. Learn how to resize your images for easier emailing and viewing.


4. Try shooting RAW.
Provided that your camera will let you shoot in RAW mode, try shooting with this superior format to take your photos to the next level.

5. Shoot more images.
Most professional photographers take lots of photos to get that one special shot. With new higher capacity memory cards, you too can keep shooting for that perfect image.


6. Make a photo book.
Try using a service like Blurb, Shutterfly, or Apple to create a photo book. These are easy to create and make really nice keepsakes or gifts.

7. Card maintenance.
Download all your photos from your memory card and format it for a fresh start. This will give you plenty of memory to capture your images.

8. Use flash outside during the day.
Most people think of flash as something only to be used at night or in dark areas. Try using your flash during the day to add a little more light to your portraits.


9. Organize your older photos.
Have a little free time now that the holidays are over? Go through all of your older digital photos and organize them. Delete the bad ones, rename the good ones, and put them in folders with names that make sense to you.

10. Manipulate an existing image.
Take one of your favorite images from last year and try changing it to black and white or sepia tone.


11. Share your images with your friends.
If you’re like most people, you’re taking more photos than ever but many of them stay on your phone or memory card. Make sure to share your favorites on social media sites, with prints, and through email.

12. Try shooting differently.
You can create a whole new look to your photos by changing the angle and perspective. Try rotating your camera when shooting, or shoot looking at an angle up or down.


13. Learn something new.
Take a photography class, read an inspiring or technical photo book, or learn at least one new feature on your camera

Photos courtesy of Jeff Cable


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