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Mom Stories

If you are a mom, no matter how old your child is…no matter how old you are….no matter how you may have “acquired” your child….no matter how many children you have…

You are a person FILLED with the best mom stories that only a mom can tell.  You may have so many mom stories, that you could fill a book or two with them!  We talk about our children endlessly to our friends and family and even strangers, don’t we?  It’s how we bond as mothers…through our infamous, treacherous, inspirational, and agonizing mom stories.  Through this bonding of mothers everywhere, there is our common thread.  Through our motherhood experience, we have entered into a sisterhood of women.  We have sacrificed much and endured amazing challenges.  We have been exalted and crushed in the blink of a passing, rolling eye…we have been tortured and blessed all in one wonderful day in the life of a mother.  We come to each other in tears of joy and in sobs of pain, all to share our mom stories through the magical, mysterious, and maddening world we live in as mothers.

It’s a beautiful thing, this motherhood!  There is no role quite as powerful, divine, and natural as being a mom.  It takes more effort than planning a wedding, more strength than moving a mountain, and more endurance than that of a marathon runner.  It’s endless and exhausting, and yet through our battles and our victories, we share our mom stories with others.  It is cathartic and therapeutic.  It is our way of relating and learning about each other and about ourselves.

I wrote my blog based on my own “mom stories” in hopes to inspire and relate to other moms out there that are swimming in the same waters as me.  I wish to hear your mom stories so you too, can feel connected and feel that wonderful cathartic pull of your heart and tug of encouragement that we all need!

Come meet me at the café, where we can hang out and talk mom to mom and enjoy each other’s company.  I’ll share my mom stories and you share your mom stories too!  Together we can make this adventure easier, full of humor and emotion that can only come from a mother’s heart.  Would you join me?

Motherhood is awesome!

Check out our girlfriends and mother stories sections.



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