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We all need Girlfriends!

Motherhood can be so wonderful, amazing, challenging and….isolating.  I remember so many days stuck at home with my sick children, sleep deprived and lonely.  Feeling like I was gasping for air as much as my asthmatic children were, I needed to connect with someone out in that world beyond those thick, prison walls of my existence.  What usually pulled me out of my despair was a phone call from a girlfriend.  It lifted me up and encouraged me and pulled me out of my exhausting and captive world.  My girlfriends always knew just what to say to help ease the stress, and calm my heart.  I always can say how much my husband supports and helps me, and for that I am truly grateful.   But there is nothing quite like a girlfriend.  Motherhood is hard.  Life is hard.

Beams are good.

Beams of encouragement, grace, humor, understanding, patience, love, and support.

Let me explain…

I look at girlfriends like beams.  Our tents may be strong and sturdy, but when that storm hits, girlfriends always come through with more beams to help hold our tents up.  If your really blessed, you may have several girlfriends helping you ground your tent.  Girlfriends are there in an instant if you are in need.  I have had endless accounts of my many new and old girlfriends coming with their beams to rescue me.  I too have helped hold up a tent or two!  It’s what girlfriends do.  Having a girlfriend is truly like having a sister.  The bond is unique and strong.  A true girlfriend trusts you, encourages you, and helps you be the best woman you can be.  A treasured girlfriend sticks around through seasons of turmoil, and sees you through the mighty highs of life as well.  I am so fortunate to have many treasured girlfriends!  It is the greatest blessing in my life to be loved and to love so many girlfriends…

A few of my favorite “tent rescues” come to mind:

Calling my girlfriend in the midst of a HUGE snowstorm at 3:00am to ask her to come over to watch my two-year old son  so I could take my 5-year old daughter to the hospital.  My husband was out of town….my tent was smashing down in the storm that was full throttle.  She was at my doorstep by 3:10am.

During the birth of my first child, there was a crisis, and in the flurry of activity as only a mom can know, it was terrifying.   Within minutes, my women’s prayer group was literally in my hospital waiting room holding the tent beams up with their love and prayers.

Come visit me for more girlfriend stories and mom stories at the café!  We are all in this thing called “life” together!  Lets hold up each other’s tents and keep a steady hand with love, encouragement and humor!  Read my stories about motherhood and girlfriends and share some of your own!  Would love your company…. you can never have enough girlfriends…or enough tent beams.

Motherhood is awesome!

Check out our Mom Stories and Mother Stories sections.



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