Jun 07 2011
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Dear Lils,

I’ve thanked you before in the past but I want to thank you again. Thank you for being so ‘glass half full’ most the time. You make my life so much richer and more full as a result. Corny I know. But true. I couldn’t do it without you.

Last night and today you had a fever. I hate when you have a fever. I chose my upcoming job for many reasons but one specifically was the amazing benefits offered which allow parents to be parents when their child is sick. The amount of sick days, personal days, etc. included sounded like the best possible plan for our family.

So…today I was a little melancholy. I couldn’t help but get the sense of a sand timer starting as I counted down the days until I start work. Not in a bad way. But I guess the fact there is one day in my near future where I will wake up and you will have a fever like you have today and I won’t be the one home making you soup the way you like it, bringing you cold drinks and stroking your little hot cheek all day.

It’s ok. We’ll be ok. I said to myself a few times today.

In the afternoon we decided to go for a small walk to the deli and back. I got a seltzer and you got a lime pop. On our sunny, peaceful stroll home I brought up the reminder that soon I would be going back to work again at an office as I’ve been mentioning over and over again the last few weeks. I also rattled off a list of all the amazing people that would be around should you need them for anything – neighbors, close Mom friends, etc. You were quiet, not saying much and happily licked your pop. I hoped you were listening.

Tonight when your Dad came home he peeked on you in your room. You had been asleep for a while – still feverish. From the kitchen I heard you in your room pipe up and in the most happy, enthusiastic and strong way say, “Dad…did you know (and then you listed the neighbors, close Mom friends, etc. I mentioned earlier) will be AROUND if I need them for anything when Mommy goes back to the office?”

Thank you for listening.


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