Welcome to Sau'du

Sau'du is the home world of Rhiann of the Sauk; a contraction of Sauk and Pardu, the two sentient species of her world. This world and the post-apocalyptic world of FORCE are the creations of the author David Fields over the course of many years. Here you will find the early drafts of each story as it is written and edited for submission to a publisher for printing.

Feel free to comment on these stories. Tell me what you like -- and what you don't. And if you ask nicely, I might even make an e-version available for download.

-David Fields

Below are the latest installments of each project

Latest Fox Flight Chapter:

Part 1 – Planetfall

        Illiana perched, mourning, in the uppermost branches of the nest tree, her only kit now left for the scavengers, dead even before birth as evidenced by the fact she had flown to her current perch only hours after parturition. Had the birth been live, she knew she couldn’t have flown–couldn’t have even sent her dismay, [...]

Latest Tiger and Fox Chapter:

Latest Tiger&Fox : Revised Chapter:

Latest Short Stories

Tracker: Prologue – Espionage

        The spy studied the base through his binoculars. Behind him, his handlers held their rifles loosely, confident of their commander’s control over his pet. Jon shifted his weight, flicking his ears as he listened to the quiet whispers of their wagering on the outcome of his mission. Easing back, he curled his tail to the [...]

Latest The Ink Stars

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