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Attending Worship


Welcome to Friends Meeting for Worship. We gather in silence to wait upon the Divine Presence. Meeting for Worship is therefore unprogrammed and without prearrangement. Children are welcome to attend, although most school age children attend First Day School in the other building and join Meeting for Worship for the last fifteen minutes. Child care is also available for younger children for the whole hour.

If you have no previous experience in Quaker Worship, the following suggestions may be helpful. Enter as you are ready and sit anywhere you like. Turn your attention inward and listen in the silence for what the Spirit may reveal. This expectant waiting is the essence of Quaker worship. If you find yourself bothered by distractions or thoughts, do not worry; simply return your attention to the still center. In the silence of a Quaker Meeting, those present may become aware of a powerful spirit of love that transcends their ordinary experience.

While waiting in the silence, a person may be moved by the Spirit to offer spoken ministry. After someone speaks, a period of silence is observed to allow sufficient time for each of us to listen deeply to the meaning and spirit behind the words. Regardless of the name that is given to the Spirit – God, Christ Within, Divine Presence, Holy Mystery – we receive each message in an accepting way as coming from the Source. A message that does not seem meaningful to one person may bring light and insight to others.

If you are moved by the Light to speak, please stand and speak clearly, allowing the Spirit to use your voice. Messages are usually brief and offered only once, without preparation or elaboration. Worshipful ministry arises from the Spirit and not from a personal need to discuss, debate, or instruct.

The silent Meeting for Worship continues until an appointed Friend shakes hands with those nearby to signify the conclusion of the hour of worship. You are invited to introduce yourself and join us for refreshments following the announcements. If you wish to know more about Quakers, feel free to speak with people around you or to the Friend who closed the Meeting. You may also take a copy of our newsletter and browse in our library.

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