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» Head shaved Catherine

Category: Shaved heads

March 17th, 2011

This sexy head shaved chick is Catherine. This slut will do anything to please: Drop clothes, wild open legs, shave pussy, cut bowl, shave head. She is stupid enough and does not hesitate to play the dog and eat from a dish. Her pussy shave and hair cutting are recorded to a 40min long hi-Res video!

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» Head shaving fetish pics

Category: Haircutting, Shaved heads

December 12th, 2010

The more I meet head shaved girls, the more I get added evidence that long hair can hide the beauty of girl's facial features. Many girls understand it but they don't dare to cut their hair because of reactions of parents, neighbours, colleagues and so on. Some people are shocked, some devastated, some think bald women are cool. Only the bravest women are ready to get rid of their long locks despite all society's strict gender roles and standards of female beauty. So a clean shaved head girl is brave and sensitive at the same time. If someone asks me what does the perfect woman look like, I'll say without any hesitations that she must be bald!

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» Shaved punk girl

Category: Haircutting, Gothic

November 21th, 2010

spacer Sonja is a cute 21 y.o. punk girl. She came to us and asked for making an extreme hairstyle. She was beautiful with her black silky hair. Will she be so beautiful after head shaving? We don't know. But hush! She has no idea what we are going to do with her long fantastic hair! First we cut her a high bowl hairstyle with razor-shaved back and side. Then we start to cut and shave the rest. View amazing haircut, clipper cut and head shave pictures. So you can see how we muck up her head! Poor babe! Hope, she'll never want to be a bald punk once more!

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» Bald girl with snake

Category: Shaved heads, Art nudity

November 19th, 2010


Meet a very outgoing and adventureous model/actress Kat Surth. She's willing to climb mountains, walk naked in a forest, and hang upside down from steel rods. She's a cute, petite, blue-eyed fetish chick. Her hair length and color constantly changes and she likes it because she gets fun in trying something new and in changing her image. Kat is a really bizarre girl, she even does her own wigs!

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» Hair cutting fetish

Category: Haircutting, Shaved heads

November 15th, 2010

spacer spacer spacer

This blond girl calls Silva. She's from Slovenia. She'd like to be in the show business and she's ready for everything. That's why she said "yes" for the invitation to be a bald model. At first Silva is smiling and laughting a lot but when the scissors, the cippler and the razor touches her head she becomes scared and quiet. View her haircutting here!

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» Bald asian

Category: Art nudity, Uniforms

November 12th, 2010

This is my favorite bald chick! She is an Asian that turns me on and she has a shaved head that turns me on the most! In this photoset she's really awesome! Dressed in little purple latex outfit she slowly strips down her clothing. At final scenes she wears only latex gloves and panties that are so tight and hot, I guess! Then she takes off the panties and you can see her bald pussy! Really hot stuff!

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» Shaved head fetish

Category: Shaved heads

November 8th, 2010

We liked Jenna's eyes and asked her to shave bald. In this way her amazing blue eyes would be more big and attractive! Of course she was shocked at first. Later Jenna came back and her bald had already been absolutely clean! We went outdoors and began shooting this perfect bald hottie! Watch Jenna rubbing her tits, bending her ass over, even spreading her sweet buttocks and showing us her tight asshole and teasing her overflowing with vaginal juices cunt!

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» Busty bald Amazon

Category: Shaved heads, Art nudity

November 2th, 2010


I guess mythical female warriors - the Amazons look like this beautiful and bloodthirsty bald girl in this hot photo set. Bushy pussy, big natural tits, clean shaved head plus bow, arrows and leather belt on her voluptuous and sexy hips! Lots of men gave up their lives for sex with the Amazon. It's a blessing and nowadays you needn't make any such sacrifice to fuck the bald goddess of the Amazons posing nude with her masculine attributes!

Busty bald Amazon photo set

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» Bald Military Slut

Category: Shaved heads, Uniforms

October 15th, 2010

spacer spacer spacer

Girl with very short hairstyle dressed up in military uniform and massive boots and holding a gun in her hand poses for camera. She looks like a GI and gives me a crazy thought - to shove a dick between her tight ass cheeks. But what the fucking gay fantasies! Let's focus on a nice set of tits and wet pussy that she teases lying on a couch!p>

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» Head shaved girl

Category: Shaved heads

September 13th, 2010


White Angel is a pretty blue-eyed babe. Few months ago she had beautiful light silky hair but decided to become our model and cut it. She can't lose her beauty with her hair as many other girls do, but she became more attractive. Look at her big eyes and full-lipped mouth and you understand that she's an angel. This girl is a real diamond of our XXX bald head collection.

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