December 4, 2006

Posted by Shane


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Gruppo Modulo


We head over to [tag]Italy[/tag] today for full-service [tag]Website Design Company[/tag], Gruppo Modulo. The site not only looks great, but functions great as well. All the information is laid out so well, making for a fantastic user experience.

My only real complaint — and you saw this coming — is the font size. The size looks outstanding with the font size bumped up one level. No doubt I’d make that the default.

All in all, though, a very well designed site.

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  1. SeanDecember 5, 20061:30 pm spacer

    I would have liked to have seen more work done on the internal page layouts but overall a nice site.

  2. Mr. WilsonDecember 6, 20068:40 am spacer

    A “fantastic user experience”? I think not. It’s impossible for the user to tell what’s a link and what isn’t without swinging the cursor around the screen. And the images that you have to mouseover to find out what they do — didn’t we decide several years ago that those are a bad idea?

    No, there is no “fantastic user experience” here.

  3. ShaneDecember 6, 20069:42 am spacer

    Good point, Mr. Wilson. I thought it was very clear that the bold red text was links, and while I thought all the links should be that color, it wasn’t much of a problem since all the others had some kind of indicator.

    However now I realize that those weren’t links after all. The lack of consistent indication as to what’s a link gets a strike from me as well.

    Nice observation!

  4. Gruppo ModuloDecember 7, 20063:37 am spacer

    Hello there, and thanks for sharing your opinions!

    Links are quite stupid-proof in our opinion:
    - links in articles are the only words with a background
    - links at the end of excperts have a different color…

    There’s no need to mouseover to see they’re links.

    The images with rollover in home are just an example of a rollover with preload completely via css (not so common till now, expecially on italian sites), and aren’t really important for the “content/user experience”, that’s just a graphic element with a nice effect to take attention to our core service, just like the use of a bit of flash in “servizi” page. We could have used a gif, it’s just a style example.

    About font-size, we were worried about that too, but there are some pages with so much unsplittable contents (like servizi, or some “approfondimenti” page) and a bigger dimension could have been a worst problem.

    Many thanks again for your attention!

  5. DazzaDecember 29, 200612:40 am spacer

    It’s a nice scheme, but I have a few gripes:

    - Main Menu links are far too small and look like plain text. The definition on the right hand side of the header looks more like an actual main menu, simply because the text is larger and there is a much more apparent division between the syllables that comprise it.

    - Title Header colour is too similar to the background colour. Easily fades into obscurity.

    - The blurb area on the right hand side are too small, and the pictures which accompany them take up more screen real-estate and offer less. That combined with the justification makes for some disgusting two-word lines with horrible spacing between them.

    - The text resizes better than some sites, but because of the aforementioned point, the text looks even worse in the blurb section.

    - Link colour and style are the same as that of the date timestamp of the news posts - not enough distinction for my tastes.

    - The blurb section of the page wraps underneath the news section if the window is resized as opposed to forcing the user to scroll. It seems slightly odd considering none of the other columns in the header or footer follow suit.

    All in all, I love the colour scheme of the page. It’s easy on the eyes and it works really well, especially the footer (I think the footer is arguably the cleanest, most eye-catching and beautiful part of the page). However, I feel there is not enough distinction between some of the colors on the page for key elements, and that there are some definite proportion issues.


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