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VMS freeware

software from the wilfully obscure utilities department

My freeware (Ian Miller - miller at encompasserve dot org) for the VMS operating system.
(NOTE - A better download site for released versions of this software is here )

Some programs for the VMS Operating system written for my own fun and education which may be of use to someone else.
(NOTE - development snapshot versions may or may not be newer than the released version and may or may not work).
(NOTE - SDA extensions are for OpenVMS Alpha V7.2 and later, OpenVMS I64 V8.2 and later unless otherwise stated.
They can be used to look at crash dumps or the currently running system.)

Other ideas for future freeware (no promise that they will ever be created)

The following list is various thoughts I have had about software I could write. If you have opinions on these or the programs I have already written then email me.

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