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Norwich going up!

As if I care...

03.05.2011 spacer

Olly wanted me to start this blog with the fact that Norwich are going up in the league- apparently this is a big deal. Anyway...Vietnam so far has been pretty immense! Although throughout we have all suffered from various stomach problems, colds, injuries and so forth, our spirits have not been dampened. We left you last on our way to Nha Trang on the sleeper train on my Birthday. Thanks to the guys for making it a great birthday and loved my prezzies a lot!! We had an amazing day on our first day in Nha Trang on Vinpearl island, a themepark/waterpark. We had to get a cable car there over the sea (the longest cable car in asia) I don't think olly was too keen! but we got there safely and went straight on the rollercoaster, it was so good that we stayed on again! After also going on the BANANA BOAT, a slightly rubbish 4d ride, a ride that through me and olly through the air then left us upside down for a good while, and watching dogs pushing prams, riding bikes and monkeys weight lifting, we spent the rest of the day in the waterpark which was really good. Our second day in Nha Trang consisted of me, rach w and george relaxing by the pool all day, with several attempts of me and george learning how to dive, perfecting my dive beautifully by the end of the day. Olly also went on a scuba dive that he really enjoyed.

Next stop Hoi An. This is a really nice pretty town with great scenery that me and Olly got to enjoy whilst out on a group bike ride in the countryside, where we also got to mount a buffalo, a very strange experience! Me, Rach w and George decided to also get some outfits tailored as Hoi An is well-known for this, me and george opting for some very suave suits and Rach getting a very pretty dress made for her. Its amazing that you show them what you want and they literally make it tailored to fit you perfectly within one day, a very cool experience.

Then we went to Hue where me, Olly and the rest of the group went on a motorbike through the countryside, which was so fun even with their crazy driving here!! Rach and George spent the afternoon at the Citadel and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the town. In the evening a few of us went out with Aki our guide and some of the locals at the restaurant we ate at for a bit of Karaoke! We didn't have a clue what they were singing half the time but the free nibbles and beer went down a treat and it was a love, they love Karaoke here and even have rooms that they hire out for it all the time! The next morning we all went to the local market with Aki to buy some ingredients and then went back to the restaurant to help him cook some of his home food from Cambodia which was really yummy! Then we hopped on our sleeper train to Hanoi, playing Aki's 'beleive it or not' dice game which he loves and watchin I love you man.

Yesterday we were at Halong Bay, which is really beautiful, with lots of islands all round the coast of vietnam that we sailed around on a very nice boat. We also got a seafood buffet which was very tasty! then went into explore one of the caves that have been formed on the island. In the evening we went with the whole group to the Karaoke bar where we had our own room, it was really good. George's and Jake's version of 'Barbie Girl' was a particular favourite of mine with George obviously taking the lead girls role. The night ended with us all belting out some great tunes while dancing around on the sofas.

We are now in Hanoi. George is excited to be meeting up with his Dad and brother and we are all looking forward to seeing what Vietnam's capital has to offer! me, Olly and Kim are going to Sapa for a couple of days too before we all leave for China on Sunday!

Will update again soon x Rach H

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Good Morning Vietnam

Happy Birthday Hales!!

25.04.2011 40 °C

Hello from Saigon, Vietnam.

We spent the remainder of our Cambodia trip chilling in the sea side resort of Sihanoukville. The weather was so hot as we relaxed on some islands drinking beer and snorkling in the sea. That night some of us were feeling a little under the weather with a stomach bug. Some of us were also getting a little too close for comfort with the local lady boys (skank)! But all in all we have had a great time in Cambodia and leave with some great stories (resulting predominantly from alcohol) and are sad to be leaving some of our group having arrived in Vietnam.

So far in vietnam Rachel W and I went on a motorbike ride up a mountain to relax in some very creaky hammocks and watch the sunset over the city and rice fields of Vietnam. George and Rachel H got some much needed rest to shrug off their stomach bugs. I think the Man Utd V Everton match that evening may have had something to do with Georges though spacer . Last night we had our first night out in Saigon. Hales turned 22 at 12 that night and so received an awesome cake in the restaurant. We all celebrated with plenty of Saigon Green, buckets of spirits and really rank tasting cocktails. Hales was given a rather fetching inflatable pink power ranger by the group which we all graffitied on. I staggered back about 3 in the morning to find Hales snuggled up with it under the duvet. I thought it was best not to ask any questions. :S.

This morning we had to be up at the crack of dawn yet again (bah) to visit Cuchi - the old Vietnamese stronghold which has been preserved for Tourists. Having seen endless movies on the war it was great to see it first hand. The fantastic 4 ventured deep underground into the pitch black tunnells. We were panicking for a little while down there but we made it out safely. The tunnels have been widened for tourists yet we still had to clamber through on all fours at some points. You can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like for the uniformed soldiers carrying their guns. You wouldn't have a clue if anyone was coming towards you untill the last minute. JUst horrific.

We are now about to get on a sleeper train to Nah Trang (however spelt) and celebrate the remainder of Hales birthday. We have some little pressies to surprise her with which will be good. Tomorrow we will then do some scuba diving and chillax in the sun again.. I can't wait!!

Adios xx

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20.04.2011 spacer 35 °C

Hey Everyone,
I have just looked to see when our last post was and can't believe how long ago it was. Time is just going really quick for us now spacer .
Anyway, heading south in Thailand was rather uncomfortable seeing as we had to catch the sleeper bus which in truth is no more luxurious than your average national express coach back home and all in all, from Bangkok to Krabi it took approx 14 hours...
But as with everything, the destination makes it more than worthwhile. We started with a few nights at Railey (only accessable by boat) and ended up at Ko Phi Phi. It was paradise, the sun was hot, you needed sunglasses to look at the sand it was that white, the sea was warm and filled with the entire cast of Finding Nemo. We also spotted a sea snake while snorkling around the islands so we had to be a bit careful.
I am now writing from Phnom Penh in cambodia after a very sad day visiting the Genocide museum and killing fields and how a quarter of the population was wiped out by the .
Prior to that though we had a great time in Siam Reap visiting Angkor Wat at sun rise (far too early) and the Tomb Raider temple amongst others. That evening we then found out what happens when 4 early twenty somethings meet almost free alcohol. Well, it was about 3 pound fifty for 3 litres of beer. I won't go into too much detail, but I redecorated the hotels toilet floor. I'm pretty sure, Georges Toilet tiles received a similar covering - much to the annoyance of Rachel Wilkinson. Then there is Rachel Hales, its anyones guess what she got up to. She can't remember and neither could anyone else in our 15 member group. I don't think anyone remembers how they got home. I got a Tuk Tuk apparently. It made the 6 hour bus ride to Phnom Penh the next day extremely hard. But we all got through it and are our chirpy selves once again.
We now head into town for some tea......and cocktails (no beer just yet).

Hope everyone is okay.
Take care,

P.S. everyone was safe the night we got drunk, nothing was lost and there is no reason for anyone to worry. We are extremely responsible drunks.:s x

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Thailand so far...

Bamboo worms Yumma Yumma!

07.04.2011 spacer 35 °C

So Thailand has definately lived up to our expectations so far and been AMAZING!!

Our first stop Bangkok...very busy and manic which makes it very fun to travel around in Tuk Tuks, which are little cars with an open section at the back that are to small to carry 4 people but do anyway (leading to a few of the boys limbs hanging out at some points!!) Despite being scamed by one of our Tuk Tuk drivers (he told us that the Grand Palace was closed) we ended up roaming the length of Bangkok, taken in a lot of it sights, but it just meant he also took us to some jewellery and tailor shoos so he could get comission! we thought it was wierd that we didnt have to pay for it!! In the evening we met up with our tour guide Tommy and our group who are all lovely! Theres 15 of us, mainly girls (olly has loved being the only single male!)

Our first trip was a canoe ride through the canals of Bangkok which was amazing to see how many of the thai people live in houses (almost shacks) on stilts on the canals. That night we got a sleeper train (not actually that bad) to Chang Mai which is where we started our hilltribe trek. But not before we got to visit Tiger Kingdom where we went into the enclosure with the tigers, laying and stroking them, very surreal! Then to an elephant show which was brilliant, they played football and painted pictures, and we also got to see them bathe in the river. Tommy then also took us to a temple where he shared his experience of being a monk with us.

The hilltribe trek was fab. We stayed at 2 different villages, was so nice to see how the thai villagers lived and definately my highlight was playing in the river with the children from the village. We also have done an elephant ride and bamboo rafting down the river, stopping off for a swim (bit worrying after we had just seen a huge snake just come out the water!!)

I can't not mention the Thai food which we have all been enjoying so so much, although i dont think i will be eating fried bamboo worm again! Rach and George went on a Thai cooking class today. I think they were both in their element, getting to go to the market to buy the food then making 4 dishes which they got to eat too! Yumma Yumma.

We have loved Thailand so much so far and are heading down south to some of the beaches which im sure will be just as amazing too!

Rach H and the team xxx

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Sweet As Bro!!!

Bye bye New Zealand

31.03.2011 spacer

We now sit in gate 32 of Sydney Airport waiting to board our plane for Bangkok. New Zealand has been absolutely amazing!! For the last day in Auckland we chilled out on Davenport beach and in the evening we had a few handles down by the Auckland verander (a.k.a. a viaduct - private joke). Waking up this morning made us all realise we were slightly more drunk than we initially thought - (for example, I spent at least 10 minutes trying to remember how I actually made it into my bed and recalled how I wasted the majority of sleeping time raiding the hostel's free food cupboard, finding a tub of nutella and using almost all of it on my one remaining slice of budget bread. Good times!!)
Despite feeling sad to leave such an amazing place we look forward to our next adventure in Thailand- riding elephants, scooting around on Tuk-tuk's, trekking through the jungle and NOT confusing women with men!! I can't wait.

As discussed in previous blogs, I actually plucked up the courage to do a bungy jump during our short stay in Taupo - NZ north island. I have uploaded the video to facebook. I am still quite shocked the fact I did it but it was such an awesome experience and I can't wait to share with people the DVD I bought as evidence - just in case you don't believe me!

See you in Bangkok,
Olly and the team!!!

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