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Sweet As Bro!!!

Bye bye New Zealand

31.03.2011 spacer

We now sit in gate 32 of Sydney Airport waiting to board our plane for Bangkok. New Zealand has been absolutely amazing!! For the last day in Auckland we chilled out on Davenport beach and in the evening we had a few handles down by the Auckland verander (a.k.a. a viaduct - private joke). Waking up this morning made us all realise we were slightly more drunk than we initially thought - (for example, I spent at least 10 minutes trying to remember how I actually made it into my bed and recalled how I wasted the majority of sleeping time raiding the hostel's free food cupboard, finding a tub of nutella and using almost all of it on my one remaining slice of budget bread. Good times!!)
Despite feeling sad to leave such an amazing place we look forward to our next adventure in Thailand- riding elephants, scooting around on Tuk-tuk's, trekking through the jungle and NOT confusing women with men!! I can't wait.

As discussed in previous blogs, I actually plucked up the courage to do a bungy jump during our short stay in Taupo - NZ north island. I have uploaded the video to facebook. I am still quite shocked the fact I did it but it was such an awesome experience and I can't wait to share with people the DVD I bought as evidence - just in case you don't believe me!

See you in Bangkok,
Olly and the team!!!

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Biting Wallabys and Racing Crabs

23.02.2011 spacer

Hello all!

So our last few days in Sydney have been amazing! On tuesday me and rach w went to Taronga Zoo. Although the weather was the worst day so far, as it was cloudy all day and a bit rainy, we had lots of fun looking at elephants and their babies, giraffes, hippos, bears, lions, tigers and all the australian animals like kangeroos, koalas, wallabys, wombats, and much more! We saw a seal show which was fab and the best bit was walking through an enclosure with kageroos and wallabys that we could pet. They were really tame but one wallaby took a liking to my (rach h) hand, jumped after me and bit it!! it was only a nibble, didnt hurt! The ferry to and from the zoo gave us amazing views of the harbour.

Yesterday (wednesday) the boys joined us in the morning, and me and rach gave them our own version of the tour around sydney, as we are now experts and i think our version was much better!! We all then sat on darling harbour and ate our amazing find of $5 pizza!!

In the evening we went to a local pub where they did crab racing, it was bonza! there were also other games throughout the night including a woman who sprayed us with water all the time, and Rach W came 2nd in blowing up a ballon till it pops the quickest winning a free beer! We had two crabs in the race and Uncle WiddlyWinks won one of the races. This meant rach W was up against 5 other people in the final where they had to eat a cracker and the first one to whistle won. Rach did our team proud and won winning a free t-shirt!!

Overall a fab couple of days, we are now looking forward to spending our last day in sydney on the beach.

Off to New Zealand tomorrow!!!

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A rainy day in Sydney

20.02.2011 spacer

Well after 3 days of HOT HOT HOT weather the sun has vanished. We were going to head to Boni Beach today but are now hunting for something else to do. We have been very busy sight seeing over the last few days and have walked the length of Sydney hundreds of times, im pretty sure we are getting very fit. Appart from a few blisters and Rach (H) being forced to use muscels she never knew she had we are having a great time.

So far we have been to the aquarium, the zoo, the maratime meuseum, the botanical gardens (where we saw thousands and thousdans of huge Fox bats) a guided tour around the city, Fireworks over the harbour and of course the sydney harbour bridge and opera house. We also ended up in the Sydney Art gallery, it was so hot outside we attempted to cool off, while we were in there we were ushered into a theatre space. Having been up the sydney needle the other day and watched a rubbish 3D show we thought it maybe the same type of thing. It was not. It turned out that we were in the screen for Asian films and today's screening was for house of the flying daggers. We were tired and hot and the seats were comfy so for 2 hours we sat and watched the Stubitled film which turned out to be very good.

All in all everything is fab here. The boys join us on wednesday so lots more to do.

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Sydney Baby

17.02.2011 spacer 25 °C

We are here!!!!

After what seemed like a life time we finnaly made it to our hostel which i fine. Going to do some investigating today see what free stuff we can find. From our hostel window we can see the Sydney Needle which is kind cool. Sunday we are planning on going to the Gay Pride Fair as we think this might be quite fun. Ive just been reading about a Pub that does Crab Racing, think we may need to check this out as well.

Overall we are fine, still abit jet lagged but having fun, ive soaked rach (h) in sun tan loation so she doesn't turn into a lobster.

Off to get some food now.

Rach and Rach xxxx

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