Scorecards Reveal Lamar Smith’s Weak Record on Conservative Values

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Austin, TX – Twenty-five year incumbent Lamar Smith received the lowest score among Texas Republicans on the National Taxpayers Union’s 33rd Annual Rating of Congress, released last week. Smith received a 71 on the scorecard, which rates members of Congress on their votes related to taxes, spending, debt, and regulatory burdens.

“His score makes it clear he’s just one more big-government politician,” said Richard Morgan, a software engineer and conservative activist running against Smith in the District 21 Republican Primary. “At a time when Congress has a lower approval rating than the IRS, we need someone who will stand on principle and demonstrate a commitment to true fiscal responsibility.”

Smith’s record includes votes for seven debt ceiling increases, TARP, and No Child Left Behind.

“It’s been less than a year since our last debt ceiling crisis, and we’re on path to hit our new debt ceiling again before the end of 2012,” said Morgan. “Our federal spending is higher this year than it was last year, after a $1 trillion spending cut.”

The National Taxpayers Union is not the only conservative scorecard to rank Smith so low. Smith also ranks last among Republicans from Texas in the Heritage Action Scorecard with a score of 60%.

“When two of the most conservative scorecards are in complete agreement that he is the least conservative Republican from Texas, what more proof do you need?” asked Morgan.

But Smith may not be hopeless.

“Since I joined the race, his score has gone up from a 56% to a 60%. I guess we’re making him more conservative,” laughed Morgan.

Morgan Campaign Announces Primary Challenge to 25-Year Incumbent

Posted by Richard Morgan & filed under Press Release.

Austin, TX –Software engineer and conservative activist Richard Morgan has filed to run in the Republican primary for the 21st congressional district in Texas.

Morgan’s decision to run came after weeks of meeting with voters and activists in the district and after careful consideration of the major issues affecting District 21 and the country. Of particular concern to Morgan is the incumbent’s terrible record on technology and individual freedom issues.

Lamar Smith, who currently serves as the district’s congressman, recently sponsored two technology bills. One of the bills, known as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), is intended to massively expand law enforcement’s authority to fight online piracy. The legislation, in its original form, would allow anyone claiming copyright infringement to get a court order requiring content providers to block access to potentially infringing websites. The bill has been widely condemned by the technology community as well as
members of both parties and liberty-loving individuals across America.

“SOPA is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation that’s been written in recent history,” said Morgan. “It’s not just about censorship; it’s about allowing the government to control the internet. Under SOPA, my opponent would make the USA as restrictive as China or Iran when it comes to sharing of information.”

Additionally, many entrepreneurs claim that the increased regulations from SOPA would discourage internet-based companies as well as web hosting providers from operating in the United States. Both existing and start-up companies would feel inclined to move their operations overseas in order to avoid costs imposed by Lamar Smith’s legislation.

“Big-government Republicans like Lamar Smith are the reason the conservative cause has a bad rap. The Republican Party I stand for is the party of limited government interference. As the next Congressman for District 21, I will make it a priority to oppose this bill and other big-government bills that threaten individual liberty and discourage job growth and free enterprise in America,” said Morgan.

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