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Welcome to the Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation!

The Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation (CCEI) focuses its research efforts on realizing significant scientific impact that assists in enabling the U.S. to meet the energy challenges of the future by developing catalytic technologies for sustainable energy applications through a spectrum of processes envisioned in a future biorefinery. New technologies include novel pyrolysis for biomass degradation, selective catalytic transformation of biomass derivatives, and novel fuel cells.


Fuels Research Thrust

Biomass Degradation and Bio-Oil Upgrade:
CCEI is working on the degradation of solid biomass and waste via various novel pyrolysis technologies to tap an energy potential that is currently underutilized. The new technologies have the potential to produce bio-oil with reduced or no char formation. Technologies to upgrade bio-oil are also being intensively exploited.

Chemicals Research Thrust

Selective transformation of biomass to chemicals:
A significant portion of the chemical industry derives its chemical building blocks from oil. CCEI is striving to create these same building blocks from biomass.

Fuel Cells Research Thrust

Conversion of Biomass to Electricity:
Fuel cells have become of great interest in recent years, and CCEI has specific research efforts under way in this area. Direct carbon fuel cells (DCFCs) combine a carbon source – biomass in this case – with oxygen to release carbon dioxide, thereby providing electricity. DCFCs have the potential to provide high energy efficiency and enable direct conversion of biomass to electricity.

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