About The Faculty

spacer Michel and Sylvie Fortin are a husband and wife team.

They are service providers in the online business and web marketing industries, and have been for the better part of two decades. They also own several successful online businesses.

You’ve probably heard of some of their many websites, like WorkaholicsForHire.com, OutsourcingBlueprints.com, or SuccessDoctor.com, among many others.

Their clients are some of the most successful marketers and profitable small businesses online. They were also instrumental in the creation of some of the largest, record-setting sales campaigns in the history of small online businesses.

Together, they created Success Chef University™ as a way to teach their staff and clients, and now their students, proven methods for building and growing a successful online business.

It’s just like following a recipe.

For any recipe to succeed, the key is to use the right ingredients in the right order. Success Chef University offers proven recipes on building a consistent, scalable, and enjoyable business — whether you’re in one already or starting from scratch.

Success Chef is a video-based, webinar-assisted training system that teaches anyone, both new and experienced, how to build an online business by following four critical steps.

Because of Michel and Sylvie’s unique experience, Success Chef University provides you with a different angle and a unique perspective other training programs don’t have. It’s like tapping the minds of the most successful and envied entrepreneurs on the web — all in one place.

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  • Results and Testimonials

    spacer "Sylvie Fortin, the driving force behind Success Chef with her husband Michel, is certainly not the usual online marketing guru!

    "One of her most successful ventures is providing an outsourcing service that can automate everything from market viability reports through website design to article and blog posts and marketing and traffic.

    "Some of the biggest internet marketing names have used these services, which are available through her Workaholics website. You’d be in good company if you wanted her help, although these are top level services and don’t come cheap!"


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