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Subject:[argouml-dev] the road to UML2spacer
From:Thomas Neustupny (
Date:Mar 31, 2009 12:32:28 am


the work of Bogdan Pistol on creating eUML (model implementation based on Eclipse UML2) was in 2007, so it's really time to think about building on top of that for the long overdue migration from UML 1.4 to the actual UML 2.x version. We have still no plans for the next release, so I say: THE TIME HAS COME!

The task is a huge one, maybe the biggest we ever had. I guess noone has a complete picture of what is needed to do, so we should start constructing it and do some planning work in the wiki. I've set up a page in the wiki that gives an overview of everything that needs to be done (or later: how much progress we made): (Please contribute!)

(The starting point for all UML2 wiki pages is

The work of Bogdan is far from being complete, but the great thing about his work is, that he achieved some substantial breakthroughs: model event handling and undo model changes. I really recommend to have a look on his well done reports:

Let's safe ArgoUML from losing acceptance and interoperability!

Regards, Thomas

P.S.: I also have two conrete questions we could start thinking about:

The first one: How will the legacy UML 1.4 projects be handled? I think if we can make it a little easier by doing a "hard cut" (and maintain two ArgoUML separated streamlines for a while: UML1.4 and UML 2.x). Because I don't know how much it takes to create a migration tool. The worst would be to make ArgoUML deal with both UML1.4 and UML2 models...

The second one: Can our first UML2 release be with very limited functionality, growing steadily from release to release, or do we aim for a full ArgoUML 0.28 replacement or...? (Since the UML2 work will take a lot time, I'd suggest to only release maintainance releases 0.28.x from now on.)

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