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Adult Material: Fishnet or Latex?

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

So really I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t think like most. Or at least my first initial thought when I hear certain things is not what others seem to have. Take adult material for instance. My first thought is not on content but rather fabrics or materials in which to make adult clothing. That then got me thinking about what kind of garments I like that are sexy or at the very least make me feel sexy. Thus the conclusion of I like fishnets and latex or rubber dresses if you will. I also love a wonderfully made teddy, do they even call them teddy’s anymore, do they even make them anymore? It always seems to be panty and bra sets, or corsets. Both of which are nice to be sure but sometimes a gal wants a teddy. I had one that had fishnet material in the back and crushed velvet for the front. I bought it at Victoria Secret when I was all bulimic and small, so suffice to say it no longer fits me. I have embraced my roundness and voluptuous breasts, as have a few others spacer so it’s time to start looking for some under garments for the bigger beautiful me!

Wow, what was I originally talking about? Oh right adult materials. So anyways I like latex and fishnets and I guess more of the “alt” look. I like the way some dominatrix’s dress even though that is not my sexual lifestyle choice. It makes me feel sexy and confident! So I was saying earlier how I wanted to start dressing the bigger beautiful me right? Right! I went out on the web to try and find some sexy lingerie and I specifically Googled Fishnet or Latex for BBW and I got a bunch of BBW porn instead! Not what I was looking for since I can’t buy the clothes off the girls, though I can buy the porn the clothes were in. Well since porn was what I got I decided to check a few of them out. Might as well see what others look like in these types of clothes before I waste my money on them.



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