Oct 26 2012

EOL Extra: 7 of 9 0 1 to 5

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Yes, we know we are slacking. No, we really are busy. And, yeah, we haven’t forgotten our sworn duties, nor our Wonder Twin powers that compel us to just let our “geek flags fly!”. Blame real life, blame work and most of all “Blame Canada”. Oh great, now we have to go watch that song on YouTube. So easily distracted. Also, we hope this EOL Extra will be distracting enough until we release Episode 10. If not, then look behind you… Quick! … Ahem, that didn’t work either huh? Oh well, enjoy the Extra then.



Sam Ramey wants to direct a “Poltergeist” remake?

And even more info on this Spielberg reimagining  

Fincher wants pitt for 20,000 leagues remake

Yah, Fargo TV Series don’t’cha know

Nom, Nom, Nom:

25 foods you can never hav again

Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts, done live

Spiced Pumpkin pecan Ice Cream from Blue Bell

What’cha Been Consumin’


Cinnamon Roll Captin Crunch

Cinnamon and Yogurt covered pretzels from Buc-ee’s

Dark knight Returns Anime  


Rockstar and the creepy candy cornucopia

The Hunger Games

The Avengers

World Gates Series: Holly Lisle

New seasons for 30 Rock, Family Guy, Walking Dead, Sherlock, Supernatural and more now on Netflix.

Between The Covers

Reading Rainbow Collector’s Edition on iTunes

Top 10 Fantasy Debuts of 2011


This isn’t a car

One of the 17 versions of “Leave It”

They’re here!

Fargo don’t’cha know?

Minnesota Style

We’re going the wrong way, Break it down


Dog Water

Avengers Assemble!

Julia Child Auto Tuned

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