World Map and different types of maps, geographic and political map, globe


This first map (top) corresponds to a geographical world map, where you can find all five continents and countries through its name.


Above is a political world map, which shows the different countries separated by the borders that delimit each other.


This map is typical globe that almost everyone has had as children in our room and where it is observed more clearly the seas and rivers which separate one from other continents and countries.


On the map of Europe we see the nations that emerged following the separation of some regions of the former USSR and the Balkan war in former Yugoslavia.


Next, we divided the American continent in North America with the United States, Mexico and Canada and across South America.


The last map is the one that reflects the countries of Asia.

To enhance specific areas we offer Google Maps:

[Inc] google_maps_mundi [/ inc]

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World Map and different types of maps, geographic and political map, globe, mapa europa europy europe the

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