Makeup tricks to look thinner and be more beautiful

spacer Now that summer is approaching it is possible for us to worry a little more for our appearance and our physical. That's good, but it is advisable and healthy throughout the year.

But if we want to improve our appearance a bit more quickly, makeup can be a great ally.

Today we will explain some tricks for that, thanks to makeup, we can look a little thin. This is to ensure that our face I have a more "fine."

  • Using makeup to cover the area antiojeras under our eyes. This will make our cheeks look less rounded giving a more fine and elegant.
  • You must not abuse the sparkles, it is best to color the matte face powder and blur a little curve of your face.
  • Darken slightly on the sides of the face and will bring a sense of depth.
  • To give more sense of elongation to our face need to give some light to the chin, nose and forehead. We will use a white shadow or highlighter.

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+1 GONZO 16-11-2010

Article written by GONZO for Blogs Teoriza.
Makeup tricks to look thinner and be more beautiful, make

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