Introduction to reflexology, or touching parts of the body, giving a foot massage

I found one of the curiosities that had long haunted me. He had heard it could touch parts of the body simply by massaging the feet with a technique called reflexology.

However, the scheme below are the instructions (how-to) to play the specific areas that produce different sensations, this is because certain organs have their endings in the soles of the feet


By the way, I am compelled to warn the following precautions before giving a foot massage:

  • Wait 2 hours after meals.
  • Massages of 30 minutes per foot or less (if massage is safe only 15 min.)
  • If no points are well known not use too much force on the soles of the feet during the massage.

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Article written by GONZO for Blogs Teoriza.
Introduction to reflexology, or touching parts of the body, giving a foot massage, masaje organs areas scheme masajes

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