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Catholic Headlines

  • Portenos paint Pope Francis as kind, outspoken, good administrator
  • At first Angelus, Pope Francis says God never tires of forgiving
  • Sts. Ignatius and Francis of Assisi, a bond highlighted by Pope Francis

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Calling All Liguorian Readers!
Written by Liguorian Editor   

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It Still Begins with the Word
Written by Michael Brehl, CSsR   

spacer Evangelization in the Digital Age

Words are important. They’re the building blocks of human relationships. Human beings use words to communicate their very selves. Words open us to the mystery of other people, breaking through human isolation and enabling community. Words are like stones or bricks. At their most positive, words construct the foundations for human community and friendship. Words build up, affirm the good, challenge to conversion, and call us to be authentic, loving, life-giving people.

But just like stones and bricks, words can also be used as weapons that wound, tear down, and destroy. They can provoke hatred and discrimination, spread gossip, and declare war.

Words matter. A speech by Hitler provoked people to participate in acts of unspeakable horror. A sermon by Pope John XXIII encouraged people to act with incredible generosity. Saint Alphonsus Liguori wrote that God became human to converse with us like a friend.


Liguorian Celebrates Its First Hundred Years!
Written by Editor   

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In honor of our first centennial, we want to honor our readers—our Liguorian family. You’re the reason we publish this magazine, and you’re uppermost in our minds as we plan each issue and develop each article. We want to say thank you for 100 years of inspiration and support! is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.