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Session Title: Visual Evaluation Methods: An Introduction to Using Art and Photographs in Program Evaluation
Skill-Building Workshop 662 to be held in 101 F on Friday, Oct 26, 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
Sponsored by the Extension Education Evaluation TIG
Melissa Cater, Louisiana State University AgCenter,
Abstract: Extension programs are conducted in a variety of settings with diverse audiences. Depending on a programs characteristics, traditional survey methods may not easily provide answers to evaluation questions. Visual evaluation methods are often underused yet offer a unique lens for exploring program outcomes for more challenging projects. Visual methods offer a participatory approach which allows for both participant and community data collection and data interpretation. This workshop will explore the distinctions among evaluator as producer, participant as producer, and evaluator and participant as collaborator, will describe levels of participant contribution, from simple involvement to more complex participant curation and/or interpretation of the work, and will examine through group discussion big evaluation questions that could be addressed with visual methods. Session attendees will learn how to structure data collection and will gain hands-on practice in analyzing data from drawings and photographs collected as part of a school garden program evaluation.

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