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spacer The Upper Management team at The Corp is comprised of the CEO, CFO, and COO, as well as the Service Directors from Vital Vittles, Midnight MUG, Hoya Snaxa, Uncommon Grounds, More Uncommon Grounds, Accounting, IT, Marketing, Seasonal Services, and HR. Learn more about them below!


spacer Director of Midnight MUG, Andrea Wallach: Andrea Wallach is a native Wisconsinite studying Human Science in the NHS. She is a member of the class of 2013 and dreads the day when she will be dragged across the stage at graduation kicking and screaming. Since being hired at the Midnight MUG in the fall of her freshman year, her love for that crowded corner of Lau has grown exponentially. Being a Midnighter has allowed Andrea to work with amazing people while simultaneously helping her to overcome her fear of handling extremely hot beverages. She also has a deep love for 90s TV shows and fine cheeses.





spacer Director of Uncommon Grounds, Lizzy MacGill: Lizzy MacGill is a sophomore in the Georgetown College and hails from the bustling streets of Carmel, Indiana. She began working at Uncommon Grounds during the first weeks of her freshman year, and she’s been deep in UG love ever since. Lizzy is an English and Spanish major, but she likes learning about UG’s customers just as much. Lizzy loves to cash at the register because talking to all the customers makes her feel like she has lots of friends, even if all they want from her is a hot cup of coffee. If you visit UG–and you should–you might catch Lizzy crushing a crossword puzzle or sipping a Zen Master behind the counter. Her other interests include crafting perfect grilled cheese sandwiches, teasing her three older sisters, and taking micro naps on the UG furniture.




spacer Director of Marketing, Keaton Bedell: Keaton (COL ’13) is an American Studies Major. Born and raised in Aspen, Colorado, he wears his goggle tan with pride and continues to question the value of snow outside the mountains. Hired two weeks into his freshman year, Keaton has become a full-time resident of 1510 Leavey Center where he feeds his caffeine addiction with large ice coffees and develops his Adobe CS shortcuts muscle memory. When not in the IT+M office, he enjoys downloading absurd quantities of music and writing about it on his blog, wandering Georgetown with his camera, and discovering new ways to use Yates’ pre-historic equipment. Keaton and his team of marketing geniuses are excited to redefine the Georgetown community’s relationship with The Corp over the next year. He encourages you to tell us about your Corp story by tweeting @thecorp or writing on ourFacebook wall.




spacer Director of Information Technology, Jeffrey Martin: Jeffrey is an SFS (STIA) sophomore from South Bend, Indiana, home of the Fightin’ Irish. He was hired by Corp IT during Spring of freshman year, and has been a Corpaholic ever since. Hobbies include running, reading, occasionally coding and practicing a very aggressive style of goalkeeping in IM soccer. He considers Corp Access his baby, and has nightmares about ZenCart.






spacer Director of More Uncommon Grounds, Aleta Greer: She is a native Seattleite studying English and Government. While she has fully adapted to her new life inside the beltway, she enjoys reminiscing about her days playing with banana slugs in the Olympic National Park or wearing socks and sandals on rocky Washington beaches. Her longstanding love for coffee first manifest itself in her childhood aspiration of being a barista or, to use a less technical term, someone who puts whipped cream on hot cocoa. After achieving her dreams in the Spring of her freshman year when she was hired to More Uncommon Grounds, she’s been living the high life learning the ins and outs of the precise form for making foam and the exact syrup ratios for a stellar Italian Soda. She looks forward to making sure the little cart with the big heart keeps the students, faculty, and staff of the ICC smiling and caffeinated over the next year.




spacer Director of Seasonal Services, Thomas Mulholland: Thomas was born just outside of Boston but was soon exiled to New York after the doctors realized he bled Jet Green and Yankee Blue. Now residing in West Nyack, Thomas spends most of his time getting his heart ripped out by his favorite sports teams or strategizing how he is going to win Survivor after he graduates. Cut from his middle school basketball team, thus ruining his dream of being the next J.J Redick, Thomas decided that studying would be a good way to get into college. Often caught reminiscing about the glory days at Clarkstown South High School as the “Happy Viking” mascot, Thomas now brews coffee and toasts bagels at the Midnight MUG. In order to prepare for the grueling days of Summer Storage, Thomas does five to ten pushups a day while watching inspirational videos on YouTube.




spacer Accounting Controller, Andrew Logerfo: Although Andrew has lived his entire life amid the rolling hills of Bernardsville, New Jersey, he has always had a soft spot for Georgetown and Washington, DC.   A Junior in the College, Andrew was hired to the Accounting Department during the Fall of his Sophomore year and immediately found his home away from home in the Accounting office, eventually putting his own mark on it in the form of the iconic new American flag-painted walls. When he’s not in the newly decorated office that is now widely referred to as “The Pride of The Corp,” Andrew is probably watching the Mets, Nets, or Hoyas, waiting for the certain heartbreak that each team is sure to inflict.  A Government major and Business Administration minor, Andrew is also trying to choose between a second minor in either German or Mathematics, but wonders if his time is better spend learning to make the perfect latte and cappuccino.



spacer Director of Catering, Luke Howley: Luke voyaged to DC from a small Ohio town on the great Lake Erie. Some call it Vermilion, but most refer to it as the Paris of the Midwest. He was a master of the custodial arts (a high school janitor, if you must) and a cook in a Southern deli before he decided to take an honest job in Catering. Now Luke is studying finance and English while he delivers breakfast, lunch, and dessert to the Georgetown community. It was once rumored that Luke could French press the best cup of coffee this side of the Mississippi, an allegation he will neither confirm nor deny. When he isn’t in DC to do “Bagels with the MSB Dean,” his favorite weekly catering event, Luke enjoys sailing with his dad and playing tennis with his mom.






Director of Vital Vittles, Michael Crafts: Michael (COL ’13) is a Math major, who spent his first 18 years of existence in Chelmsford (pronounced Chums-ferd), Massachusetts and his last two in Vittles. A mix between George Clooney and a pubescent seventh grade boy, you can pick Mike out a crowd because of his salt and pepper hair and patchy “beard.” Other than his good looks, Mike is defined by his love for juggling, G-rated “Never Have I Evers,” and all things numerical. If you’re interested in finding more about Mike, he is happy to treat you to a dinner specially prepared by Mike himself, which will most likely be some combination of chocolate chip pancakes and Suddenly Salads. Just don’t let him catch you playing “Words With Friends” on your iPhone at the dinner table.





spacer Director of Human Resources, Henry Jennings: A veritable mongrel, Henry Jennings is himself confused about his national identity. Some days he is subjected to accusations of Canadianism, some days of Britishness and occasionally, although completely without foundation, even Austrialianity. He was hired to Uncommon Grounds in the Fall of his Sophomore year and after Directing the Personnel at UG during the Spring and Fall of 2011, he will be Directing the Human Resources of The Corp in the coming year. Sad though it may be, Henry’s favorite pastime is making drinks at UG and he is most likely to be found behind the espresso machine trying (and rarely succeeding) to draw a heart in your latte.





spacer Director of Hoya Snaxa, Katherine Bruce: Katherine is a senior in the NHS majoring in Human Science and minoring in Spanish and International Health.  Katherine hails from Portland, Oregon, and hopes that someday she can bring cars and electricity back to her home state.  After her employment as the driver of a golf ball picker, she thought minimum wage jobs couldn’t get any sweeter, but quickly found the human interaction in selling snacks to be thrilling.  Katherine is a captain of the club lacrosse team and co-chair of Hoyas for Healthcare, as well as an average participant on Snaxa’s intramural soccer team.  She spends a good amount of her time attempting to convince people that country music, like the state of Oregon, isn’t worthless.

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