Fortune 500 Company Trashes All Employee Computers…for Tablets

Posted on October 01, 2012 at 6:41 PM


Imagine this headline front and center on today’s Wall Street Journal. While it may seem farfetched now, at the rate mobile devices – smartphones and tablets alike – are becoming requisite in our lives, it’s not outside the realm of reality.

Corporate marketers in every industry are weighing the pros and cons of mobile and trying to identify where unique opportunities lie for their brand. For those in the consumer space, the motivation company-wide to implement mobile touchpoints may have a lower threshold than those targeting a B2B audience, where execs may need some more convincing.


Whether you’re on the consumer or the business side of the mobile debate, there’s no denying its meteoric rise – more than two-thirds of smartphone owners can’t live without their devices (just remember that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach the last time you misplaced yours).

And whether you’re at work or home, as a marketer, your mobile device is the most consistent channel to reach and influence you because you’re carrying it with you from the time you get out of bed until you go to sleep.

Unfortunately, the reality is that many consumers remain underwhelmed by the mobile engagement from their favorite brands, and that’s not surprising as many corporate marketers, possibly yourself as well, are struggling to determine where mobile fits into their overall marketing mix…how much risk should you take to play in the mobile space? Plus when you see news like upwards of 70 percent of clicks on mobile banner ads are accidental, you’re hesitant to risk your marketing budget to experiment without a certain guarantee of the return.

There is a way to dip your toe (or further submerge your foot) in the mobile marketing waters. It’s about doing it smartly and with informed risk taking. We invite you to join us in the coming weeks, as we share and investigate insight, trends, best practices and data on the reality of mobile for corporate marketers, including, among others:


  • Mobile spending
  • Threats and opportunities
  • When to risk it all
  • Global implications
  • Breaking through to a B2B audience
  • The role of research
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