Reed Robins & FCoTR vs. the TSA

by Bob Plankers on August 27, 2011

It looks like Reed Robins (@thereedrobins) ran head-on into a government conspiracy against FCoTR when they took him aside for special searching in the Austin airport:

I was minding my own business, as I always do, (unless, of course, I’m minding someone else’s) when the metal detector at security went off…. Just an example of the conspiracy against FCoTR.  Don’t believe any claims that this is just a protocol issue, such as the token being passed down the wrong path or excessive delays in granting permission for transmission, those types of comments are just diversions funded by the Ethernet Lobbyists (aka Communists).

You can catch Reed’s whole account and photos over at his new-ish blog, The Shining Ray of Darkness[0], as well as his musings about backups, storage, and technology in general. FCoTR-recommended reading.

(as an aside, I’ve started a new category here on for “Misinformation, FUD, and Conspiracies.”)


[0] Excellent blog name, BTW.

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