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Broadway Auditions.

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A long life of Broadway auditions and deli food is what has faced many an older theatre actor in the Big Apple. Now deli food is great, but what about those Broadway auditions? Aren't they scary? Aren't the directors mean and nasty and ill-tempered? Liable to throw the script on the floor and kick it across the stage if you screw up your lines? Don't they make vicious, snide comments to young actors about how utterly horrendous there performance was?

This may be the case for some, and this may in fact have been a description of one of many actual Broadway auditions that have sent lesser actors back to the bush leagues, whatever that is. You needn't worry, though, if you're looking for theatre work, Broadway is indeed the best place to go, and if you can survive Broadway auditions, they say, you can survive auditions anywhere.

The trick is to just remember that of course, this is Broadway, of course, this director has probably run about one million auditions, of course they're going to be hard on me (quite possibly) if I suck. Why? BECAUSE IT'S BROADWAY, and they have throngs of actors who will work hard and do their best and they don't need to waste their time auditioning luke-warm, unseasoned talent!

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