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Dance Audition

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Why be nervous, why fret and worry? Why should a dance audition get you into a tizzy? Just because this could be either your big break or the most humiliating moment of your life? Sure, you could get a real job and forget all about your dreams of stardom and never have to worry about a dance audition again, but wouldn't that be boring?

Many dreams have been tossed to the side and given up very much in this manner. One too many rejections, a bit of bad luck, dance audition after dance audition that result in nothing, who relishes that? Sometimes the most you can hope for is to die in your sleep, but don't give up, tackle the task of mastering the dance audition with all of the ferocity of a line backer in ballet class.

Good thing you have trained and practiced and rehearsed your favorite moves on your own, and had fun doing it all, because you have to enjoy it all because any lack of enthusiasm will show through at a dance audition. Most people never know the true pressure that is on the individual at a dance audition. Every move must be just right, just to be in the running!

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