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    It's the thing that dreams are made of, and careers are built on. You may struggle for a few years going out on movie auditions month after month, hoping for that big break with no results other than having the experience and savvy that can only come from dedicating yourself to something for years at a time. This is actually a good thing, because even though you may not get any parts after going on numerous movie auditions, each one you go on should be teaching you something new that can help you do a better job on the next one.

    Movie auditions are not only representative of the means by which you will gain fame and fortune acting on the silver screen, but also as a training ground for you, as you observe the behavior of different casting directors and actors participating in the movie auditions you go out on.

    There is no time to waste worrying about the parts that you didn't get, nor should anyone be wasting their energy preoccupying their mind regretting mistakes or doubting themselves in this way. Instead, look at movie auditions and every aspect of seeking acting work as part of a learning process that is preparing you for a career in acting. Years of experience participating in movie auditions gives you an advantage over other actors who are just getting their start.

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