A place for us to share our ideas, tools, and the occasional experiment in web technology.

Recent Projects

  • It Depends — A dependency management app

    How often have you had a software deploy that broke something else you didn’t know depended on the system being upgraded? Or took a server down that you didn’t realize another system was using? Or had a production issue and realized that literally the only person who knew anything about… More

  • EFBE — The Easiest Form Builder Ever

    Sometimes you need to collect information — fast. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of options for doing just that, but none of them were quick or easy enough for us. So we made The Easiest Form Builder Ever, and it does what it says on the tin. Creating a… More

  • Marksy — Your new markup sidekick

    There are a lot of markup languages floating around out there. Wikipedia and a whole slew of other wikis use MediaWiki. Here at Arc90 we often use Jira for tracking issues, and they require ConfluenceWiki. Markdown is a favorite of many, but in the case of GitHub, they went and… More

  • Contemporaries — Putting history in context

    Did you know that the Crusades took place around the same time the moai were constructed on Easter Island? Or that Homer wrote The Iliad and The Odyssey not long after the creation of the Phoenician alphabet? When studying and thinking about history, it’s easy to feel disconnected from events that occurred thousands of years ago.… More

  • JSON Lint Pro — Format and edit valid JSON with ease

    If you’re a developer, it’s likely you’ve worked with JSON. And in this age of platforms and Open APIs, with data flying in every direction, formatting valid JSON is more important than ever. We’ve offered JSONLint, a tool that helps you do just that, for a while now. We thought… More

  • Must Read — Share and discover must-read articles, one at a time

    The realtime nature of social media has connected people to the world around them—and each other—like never before. But it never stops, and the truly great stuff people share often gets lost in the shuffle. Enter Must Read. Must Read slows things down and raises the bar for posting, making… More

  • Team Colors — Your team’s colors in handy HEX codes

    Any sports fan worth their salt knows their team’s iconography inside and out, whether we’re talking logos, jerseys, or team colors. But even the most diehard fans, who’ve decked everything they own in their team’s colors, probably don’t know one thing: their corresponding HEX codes. Most designers don’t either. But… More

  • SassMe

    Sass is awesome. At Arc90, our designers are all about making their CSS clean, manageable and fun. We’ve found the color functions for lightness, hue and saturation to be especially useful. But there’s a problem. Using those functions requires you to recompile and preview your work every time you want to tweak… More

  • Arc90: The Game

    We had a fantastic group of summer interns this year. Our design intern, Robert Vinluan, was inspired to create a video game for one of his projects. Today we’re happy to release Arc90: The Game in the Lab. A little backstory: here at the Arc90 office in midtown Manhattan, we… More

  • Readlists

    Readlists takes a group of links — articles, recipes, course materials, anything on the web — and bundles them into an e-book that can be read later on a Kindle, iPad or iPhone. A collaboration between the Arc90 Lab and Readability, Readlists is a fast flexible service for creating an… More

  • git-sweep

    git-sweep is a command-line tool that helps you clean up Git branches that have been merged into master. One of the best features of Git is cheap branches. There are existing branching models like GitHub Flow and Vincent Driessen’s git-flow that describe methods for using this feature. The problem Your… More

  • Donahue

    [UPDATE: Visit the Donahue site or see Donahue presentations.] Donahue is a web app co-designed and built by Arc90 and Behavior Design. The original idea for Donahue was born out of frustration with the state of (in)attention paid to presenters at conferences. As the project evolved, the tool shifted to… More

Additional Projects

  • ActionScript 3 XPath Library
  • HashMask
  • HalfMask
  • ActionScript XML Binding
  • Best Buy Remix API client (PHP)
  • SqlWatcher: Ad-hoc database change monitoring
  • Yeller
  • JSON CSS: A More Powerful CSS Proof of Concept
  • Adding a Drop Shadow to an Element, then Centering It
  • Yammer API Client Library
  • Java Encrypter
  • PHP Twitter API Client
  • jQuery Reverse Order plugin
  • SVN Notifier
  • Flex / AS3 Library : RESTService
  • CollapsiblePanel
  • JSON Lint
  • jQuery MultiSelect
  • Extending RSS With RSS Traits
  • Modular
  • Airifier
  • Introducing : Sketchcasting
  • Rio v2 : The Arc90 Mobile News Reader
  • MultiSelect
  • AppCache for PHP5
  • ShuffleStack
  • Search Clouds
  • Arc90 River Reader
  • Alternating Rows
  • How to Trust Email Again
  • External Link
  • Image Caption
  • Link Thumbnail
  • 25 New Ways To Use RSS
  • Unobtrusive Sidenotes
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