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Another New Year's Guide from your friends at MVMT.

Throughout 2012, Jullien Gordon, Michael Cordero and Rolando Brown will check in with you about great ways to use this guide.

An ebook version of the guide will remain FREE forever. However, after we reach our first 1,000 downloads we'll also publish a limited edition print and bound version of the guide, and release a special audio book version. :)

The guide is organized to help you answer key questions. This year, we encourage you to consider intentionally planning to build your personal capital, intellectual capital, social capital, and financial capital. We believe that as we develop these 4 capitals we gain the ability to create our D.R.E.A.M. Life. Which, as Jullien would say, means to have our "Desired Relationships, Employment, and Money." 

Decisions are being made all over the world right now. 

Make 2012 a year you make decisions that get you closer to actually accomplishing your goals.

The first step is writing them all down.


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  • spacer by Nate on January 8

    Awesome stuff, guys! If anyone’s wondering, you have to ‘view on slideshare’ and login or sign up through facebook to download.

  • spacer by MVMT on January 9

    Thanks Nate. We just changed that, so that people can just download it by signing up for the email. It’s all automated now. Thanks for noticing that this might be an inconvenience, and being willing to offer the community a solution. We responded. Best. -Grow

  • spacer by Mozart on January 10

    Great stuff! Glad y’all built. I love intention building with an urban vibe. Onward!

  • spacer by Obiecheryl Bowe on January 11

    Thank you for sharing this. It was really inspiring and I am motivated to try it with my friends and also my bf. Be encouraged in this movement and please keep me informed. God bless.

  • spacer by MVMT on January 11

    Towards your growth!

  • spacer by MVMT on January 11

    Much respect. What part moved or motivated you most? Also, regarding keeping you inform, I trust that you had a moment to sign up for our newsletter.

  • spacer by isa on January 12

    reflection and planning. does wonders. thanks!

  • spacer by Obiecheryl Bowe on January 14

    Well there was alot of stuff but specifically the fact that cutural differences are evident but not discriminated in any way. Your movement represents growth and allows everyone to reach out and find their purpose in life. I feel like if we promote similiar forums like the “open mic” thing you done with poems and music more young people would become more positive and believe in them selves rather than what society dictates to them. THe gentelman that was in the video also said a profound statement that everyone has a role in its community. That is true and if we all adapt this mentality and act on it this world and our lives would be so much better. The statement about change also empowered me and reminds of a saying I heard one time ago which is “I am labeless and limitless”. you all are doing something great and I implore you to push further.

    I have filled out the information for the newsletter. However I am unable to download the sheets. I want to do it for myself personally. thank you once again. Be safe

  • spacer by MVMT on January 14

    Isa, thank you. We agree!

  • spacer by MVMT on January 14

    Obiecheryl, thanks for the affirmation, and for deciding to join us completing the guide.

    I wanted to share more about the organization that does the Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival, i.e. “Open Mic” –> They are a great org. We’re happy they have invited us to help them grow their community.

    Also, to your point about everyone in the community having a role… We encourage everyone to first do the work of exploring and defining that role in a very personal way, and then bringing that decision to the members of the community to move (live, work & play) with. We have a belief that from this place comes the culture of contribution that leads to communal innovation & problem solving. I’m glad that this particular part of the video resonated with you. It’s a core idea we work from.

    I’ve just emailed you the guide directly.

    If you need any support in completing it, please feel free to reach out.



  • spacer by Robert Zuniga on January 15

    I loved the stories of people actively involved with their passions. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the New Years Guide: it is a great planning guide and more.

  • spacer by Pamela Jackson on January 1

    This was soooooo great to do and necessary! This year’s guide has really helped me categorize and articulate my ideas and desired goals for this new year. Thank you MVMT for continuing to provide content that helps make dreams and visions concrete!!

  • spacer by Quenesha on January 1

    Thank you!! Happy 2012 to everyone!

  • spacer by Queen GodIs on January 1

    Thank You. So Much. Happy “You” Year…to ALL of us. ; ) <3

  • spacer by Shawn on January 2

    Congratulations and thank you for producing and publishing this tranformative guide. I will share it widely. I would add, though, Spiritual Capital to the mix! Keep pressing on!

  • spacer by Jason Harris on January 2

    I was looking for this and it pops up in my inbox. Peace and Blessings to the MVMT group! The planner helped me a great deal last year, and I am going to integrate it even more into my daily routine this year.

  • spacer by Miss Vanilla on January 2

    Thank you for sharing this guide!

  • spacer by weusi baraka on January 6

    thank you … i needed this!

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