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By Gene (emhr) | Published: November 5, 2012

Thematic is availaible on github for anyone interested in testing the latest developments. Any comments and issue discussion of the beta can be made at our github issue tracker

There were dynamic class bugs introduced in Thematic version 1.o.3.1. The symptoms would be that your body and post class filters are not working properly. If you feel that you’ve been affected by them come by the forums. There is an active discussion of this issue here.

Whats Changed:

  • Fixed thematic_body_class() and thematic_post_class() to correctly filter body_class() and post_class()
  • Fixed nextpaged and excerpt classes in thematic_body_class() and thematic_post_class()
  • Removed _deprecated_function() from: thematic_body_class() thematic_post_class() childtheme_override_body_class() childtheme_override_post_class() due to issues with WP_DEBUG breaking the post div and body tag class attributes
  • Moved the thematic_bodyopen() functionality to thematic_body()
  • Deprecated thematic_bodyopen() because it was redundant
  • Moved thematic_body() and childtheme_override_thematic_body() from dynamic-classes.php to header-extensions.php
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