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mpnailsmadeline pooleinstagram

dont forget to check out @MPNAILS on instagram 

Mar. 25, 2013 at 1:33pm with 2 notes
nailwrapsnclashape magazinemadeline pooleok magazine

The orbit ring nailwrap featured in OKMagazine on Zoe Saldana thanks to the wonderful and adorable Jenna Hipp.

The Electric gradient in the warm colorway featured in SHAPE magazine!

Mar. 19, 2013 at 3:20pm with 43 notes
greenscreen nailsmadeline poolenail art

All the green fingers 

Mar. 11, 2013 at 8:18pm with 42 notes
HEX NAIL JEWELRYmpnailsnail artmadeline poole

Can NOT wait to try HEX nail jewelry Thank you Hex girls!!

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mpnailsmadeline poolestriped ruffianruffian manicure

Striped ruffian manicure by Madeline Poole

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split nailstriped nailuslu airlniesmadeline poole

split nail - All colors by @usluairlines #usluairlines

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outline nailmadeline poolemadeline poole nailsnail art

cool clouds and blue/gray by essie with white moon outline

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brooke candyschon magazinemadeline poolempnails

Brooke Candy in Schon Magazine. Shot by Vincent Urbani, look by Seth Pratt, Nails by Madeline Poole.

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Lindsay Lohannegative space manicurenegative space nailsnail artmadeline poolempnails

Lindsay Lohan in negative space triangle nails

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Haley WollensKelela MizanekristosReflective nailsMPNAILSmadeline poole

Reflective nail collaboration with Haley Wollens, more to come! On the AMAZING kelela!

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Madeline PooleFloral NailsBottega Veneta NailsNail Art

Inspired by Bottega Veneta spring 2013 

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nylonnatasha ghosnmadeline poole

Photo by Natasha Ghosn for Nylon Magazine

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madeline pooleracerback nailviolet files

An old favorite for the Violet Files 

Photo by Robin Black 

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SENSATIPSSENSA-TIPSmadeline pooledis magazineruth gruca


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Nailsnailsnailsmadeline poolechroniclepoole chronicle booksnailbooks nail art booknail art

Yet another! Behind the scenes of my upcoming nail art tutorial book!! Available for pre-order here:

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