Ben Zimmer is the executive producer of the Visual Thesaurus and,
language columnist for The Boston Globe and former On Language columnist for The New York Times.
He served as editor for American dictionaries at Oxford University Press and now develops the Dictionary.

The Boston Globe

Providence’s $5 Million Plan to Shrink the “Word Gap” (Mar. 24, 2013)
Can a city boost achievement by recording, and changing, how parents talk to kids?

The Original Scalawag (Mar. 10, 2013)
A young word sleuth’s ancestor was being insulted before the insult was in the dictionary.

Besides the Pope, Who Speaks Latin Today? (Feb. 24, 2013)
A visit to a living Latin conference uncovers scholars, teachers, journalists, religious figures, and even young students who are keeping an ancient tongue alive.

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The New York Times

Lies! Murder! Lexicography! (Dec. 2, 2012)
Sorry, but dictionaries are not made by cloak-and-dagger cabals full of deep, dark secrets.

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The Atlantic

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