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Nutrilicious . . .

That's the word that we use to describe our menu. Our goals:
  • To reduce added sugar and replace them with sweetness from fresh and dry fruits.
  • To add nutrition of fresh greens, nuts, dry fruits, fresh fruits and whole grains.
  • Minimize the fried food by either replacing them with baked version or removing excess oil by post processing of food.

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Hut-K Founder

Hut-K is a creation of Dr. Mahaveer Swaroop Bhojani, Ph.D., a former cancer researcher in the Department of Radition Oncology, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


Hut-K In News

Hut-K Nutrilicious has received excellent reviews by local and national press. Dr. Bhojani has delivered a number of lectures on nutrition and interviewed by various news outlets.

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Gift Certificate

This holiday season give the gift of Nutrilition. Delight your close ones while spreading healthy smiles. Sold at Hut-K @ Packard Rd. For more info call us at 734 786 8312.



"Hut-K" is a modern colloquial Indian term that means "not the mainstream" or "different" and "Chaats" are savory Indian street food known for their multitudes of tastes and flavors in a single bite. In addition, chaat dish have a distinct feel or crunch to it. Together, the experience of taste, flavors and feel, we at Hut-K, would like to describe it as the "Party In Mouth".

Our Philosophy


Local Sourcing

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Hut-K Events

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