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I attended my first LTUE shortly after my second book had released in 2001. It was one of my first experiences with writing instruction outside of a high school setting. I hadn't known that conferences existed that could expand my skills in the genre I loved and wanted to explore further. Thirteen years later, I can honestly say that I owe many of my friendships and much of my career success to LTUE. It is something that has changed my Life, my Universe, my Everything — and all for the better.

- Julie Wright Whitney Award winning author


When I went to my first LTUE symposium, I was just one of many aspiring writers. I was astounded to discover the large number of working pros and bestsellers who made themselves available for hallways chats. LTUE cost me practically nothing at all, yet it gave me unprecedented up-close-and-personal contact with professional authors, a goodly number of whom have become my friends in the years since I broke into the professional publishing world. LTUE is my most favorite of any SF/F convention I've yet attended.

- Brad R. Torgersen Multi-award winning and award-nominated science fiction author


"Life, the Universe, and Everything gave me my first glimpses as a kid that novelists were real human beings and that what they did was a craft that could be learned. Today it continues to be the best event in Utah for writers to hone their craft, meet other writers, hook up with publishers, cover artists, audio producers, and other science fiction and fantasy professionals, and in general get inspired."

- Dave Butler 2012 Whitney Award finalist


"I can't say enough good things about my experience at Life, The Universe, and Everything. All the conventions I have been to before have been giant affairs where I never saw the same face for more than a few minutes. I was delighted to have extended conversations with the people who came to LTUE. I've never before been surrounded by so many people who love the same books I do. It was a pleasure to talk about reading and writing, about old books and new books, about science fiction and fantasy and YA."

- Megan Whalen Turner Newbery Honor Award winning author


"Life, the Universe, & Everything is one of the premiere conferences in the country for writers, illustrators, and academics in the field of speculative fiction."

- David Farland New York Times bestselling author