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  • Name: Scott Bull
  • Age: 30
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Southend-On-Sea UK
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My Favorite Sites

  1. Scotty Chan
  2. Balamb SeeD Garden
  3. Balamb SeeD Garden Radio
  4. Scott Bull/Scotty Chan Yahoo Group
  5. Scott Bull's Twitch Stream

Recent News

Scott Bull has just released a new album: Scott Bull - The Right Side Of Wrong, which includes previously composed tracks, remixes of old tracks, as well as 3 previously unreleased compositions.

You can listen to the tracks on the profile page, and purchase them for a mere 99¢, or why not buy the entire album for just $5.99, and save yourself 94¢.

Scott Bull is now working on his 2nd public release album: Scott Bull - Antichrist Superstar, though full content for this album and the release date have yet to be announced.

Lastly, the final stages of creating the new Scott Bull/Scotty Chan fan-club are now complete, so check out the Yahoo Groups URL above, you'll be able to send your fan-mail to the members of Scotty Chan, and receive newsletters and exclusive tracks, not available to anyone else, as well as receiving discounts on new albums and moichandise, (where the real money is made....I wish).

Balamb SeeD Garden Radio

Balamb SeeD Garden, (B1), finally has it's own radio show, and it's presented live by yours truely, it will feature the same level of insanity and crazyness that you may have seen on B1, as well as serious discussion, debate, live phone-in's and much more, and best yet, if you should miss a show, you can always download the archived podcast of previous shows, some shows will even include special guests, and guest presenters, such as Jennifer Jacker-Bull.

More information, including the time/date of the forthcoming shows, can be found the host page for Balamb SeeD Garden Radio.

The details of the regular show schedule are as follows:

  • Day: Sunday.
  • Time: 18:00 GMT.
  • Duration: 60 minutes.
  • Phone-In Number: 646-652-4930

Scott Bull Facts

  • Scott Bull has been studying music for over 25 years, and has performed for audiences whose members have included HRH Queen Elizabeth II, and Sir Teddy Taylor MP, and is also the CEO/Founder/Owner of Scotty Chan Inc./Scotty Chan Records, in addition Scott Bull has also been a stand-up comedian for over 2 years.
  • Scott Bull is a Heavyweight competitor, (198lbs), within a pro-wrestling organisation known as GCF, aside from being the founder and owner of GCF; Scott is also the current World Heavyweight Champion, and World Middleweight Tag-Team Champion.
  • Scott Bull can speak Klingon and Latin.

My Tags

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author, broadcasting, combat, comedy, composer, computers, consoles, domain, entertainment, excercise, fitness, gaming, media, music, performing, poetry, radio, sport, stage, standup, website, writer


Scott Bull is being mobbed by 51 die-hard fans

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My Recent Posts

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Our Dedicated Server For Counter Strike: Source. New Topic 09/25/14
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    Hello!  Hope your day
         is going great.


    Reply from Scott Bull:

    The kid in the picture looks like he's about to take the cat out with a blow-dart, lol.
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    "A Friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece
    of Nature."- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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    A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and
    his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.  Oscar Wilde
    Good morning!


    Reply from Scott Bull:

    That picture looks like a straight-on view of my cats arse....
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    Be at War with your Vices, at Peace with your Neighbors,
    and let every New-Year find you a better Person.  ~Benjamin Franklin
    Wishing you a happy and peaceful new year.
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    I, or anyone I know, didn't vote for bush twice either. spacer
    Original comment »


    Reply from Scott Bull:

    My fiancée did....mind you, she can't be that smart to marry me, lol....don't worry, no-one voted for our last two representatives and a non-elected monarchy....what a democracy, first-past-the-poll and no voice....good thing I don't vote anyhow, heh.

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Shy, yet eccentric, always willing to help others, can speak basic Klingon, a rebel without a clue.


CEO, Musician, Comedian, Software Tester/Debugger.

Join The PSO Championships And Petition

Want to prove you're the best at Sega's MMORPG game "Phantasy Star Online" on the GC, just head along to the Phantasy Star Phorum and sign up. There are 5 Championships to compete for, as well as special events and grudge matches, even a ranking system to see who's better than you, and who's rear-end you could hand to them on a silver platter.

Also, please sign the petition to get Sega to re-host PSO1/2 and PSO3 again, as they closed them at the end of March 2007.  

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Scotty Chan   

Music And Radio By Scott Bull And Scotty Chan

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  1. In Memory Of David Bull, (1945-2008).

    11/10/08 14:50:52 | 0 Comments

    I want to take this oppertunity to honour the memory of my Father, who passed away on the 8th November, 2008.

    This was a man I was proud to call Dad, who supported my music for over 20 years, with every penny he had, and every penny he didn't.

    He will be missed by his entire family from both marriages, and will be with us in spirit.

    I am proud to carry his surname of Bull with me, and he will live on through his children and grandchildren.

    David Bull:
    Read More
  2. An Album Is Born.

    01/23/07 21:39:02 | 1 Comments

    So I've just started work on my new album, which I'm hoping will be a Scotty Chan album, if the always amazing Jen wishes to add any of her own compositions to the new album. 

    The new album has been given a title, and is currently defined as a solo project, though there is no release date yet, and production of content for the tracks has just begun.

    The album will contain more dance-fusion/"Scotty Chan" style music, though these will be entirely new compositions, and not...
    Read More

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