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WFI Contamination Event 19 August 2005

During a warm up of the WFI Dewar during 19 August 2005 the system that controlled the temperature malfunctioned and the Dewar was brought to temperatures in excess of 90 degrees celsius. This contaminated the Dewar window and the CCDs. The system was later decontaminated but it started slow process of re-contamination. Data taken before 19 August 2005 should not be calibrated with data taken after this date, and vice versa. This page was born to keep track of the contamination and to determine the duration/validity of dome and sky flats. As of 20 October 2005 we have seen a change in beta-light frame characteristics of 1.5%/month.

QC1 at WFI

QC1 is the second level of quality control carried out at WFI. That is, the calibration frames of the night are reduced and compared with a fiducial set. The results are displayed in this page. If there are deviations the calibrating data is repeated.

For those of you who would like some additional information, please note the following:

spacer Evolution of dome flat fields
spacer Evolution of sky flat field
spacer Latest beta-light ratio contour map.

Time evolution of DOME flat field