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    A Fast, Affordable Broadband DSL Provider

    Business DSL from MegaPath provides the affordable primary or failover business Internet service you need for your business, branch office, or home office with the benefit of optimum speed and performance. Business DSL is reliable and scalable to fit your business needs, whether you use it as your primary or redundant access solution.

    Special Offer
    Save with Asymmetric Ethernet. A preferred alternative to DSL.

    DSL service provides download speeds up to 20 Mbps over a nationwide, multi-redundant private network that optimizes performance and security. DSL is an ideal broadband solution for small and medium-sized businesses that download large files or use the Internet extensively. If your business depends on fast and reliable online performance, MegaPath DSL is for you.

    With 2,000+ on-network and about 8,000 off-network Central Offices with DSL capabilities, MegaPath is the single largest provider who can serve customers with a need for DSL service in almost any part of the country.

    A Variety of Business-Class DSL Services

    MegaPath provides a variety of symmetric and asymmetric Business-Class DSL services to serve the needs of our diverse customers:

    • Lineshare ADSL Internet service allows information to flow asymmetrically up to 6 Mbps/768 Mbps for quicker email delivery and file downloading. Lineshare ADSL Internet includes speeds ranging from 1.5 Mbps to 6.0 Mbps. Prices start at $45/month.
    • Dedicated ADSL Internet service delivers the speed, reliability, and throughput of ADSL without phone service from a local phone company (dedicated line). Dedicated ADSL Internet is designed for customers who want the benefits and features of DSL on a dedicated connection, with speeds ranging from 1.5x.384 Mbps up to 20x1 Mbps. Prices start at $59/month.
    • SDSL (or symmetric DSL) Internet is a dedicated line service that offers a symmetrical data transfer rate, typically up to 1.5 Mbps with guaranteed uptime and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). SDSL Internet is an affordable alternative to T1. Prices start at $70/month.


    DSL and Dedicated ADSL Comparison

    DSLDedicated ADSL
    Customer retains an active telephone number from phone company; most common among home officesCustomer line is dedicated to data and has no phone line; most common among small businesses
    Speeds (Down/Up) as fast as 12x1 MbpsSpeeds (Down/Up) as fast as 20x1 Mbps
    30-day customer satisfaction guarantee*30-day customer satisfaction guarantee*
    24/7/365 customer support24/7/365 customer support
    Secure all-optical nationwide MPLS networkSecure all-optical nationwide MPLS network
    Supports VoIP with Quality of Service (QoS)*Supports VoIP with Quality of Service*
    Online account managementOnline account management
    SLAs guarantee 99.5% uptimeSLAs guarantee 99.5% uptime
    99.99% availability with MegaPath Broadband DSL Managed Failover

    *Core service area only


    DSL as a Managed Failover Solution

    Stay connected and avoid revenue loss and disruption. MegaPath DSL is available as a redundant connection in case of an outage of your primary access service. MegaPath DSL Managed Failover detects access issues with your primary Ethernet, T1, or DSL service and automatically switches traffic to the DSL backup connection.

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