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Taking it up to the next level - SBSH is excited to introduce Facade 2, the ultimate front end solution for WM Standard unveiled!

October 19th, 2009 - SBSH Mobile Software is excited to announce today the Facade for Windows Mobile Standard major update to version 2! SBSH Facade 2 for Smartphone is the ultimate front-end solution for WM Smartphones! Combining vital phone features and agenda, all in one professionally designed display, visible and accessible each time you power on your phone!

SBSH Facade 2 is powerful and optimized for mobile use like never before! Including new Home Panel with date and clock, alarms, profiles, pending counters, weather, appointments and tasks!; Custom home screen plugin integration, with multiple plugins in a single Facade panel; Integration with all major PIMs; Category colors and icons; Easy skin packaging and installation and much more!

spacer SBSH Facade 2 Highlights

  • Home Tab - Date and time, alarms, profiles, pending counters, appointments and tasks - all in one screen display!
  • Custom Plugins - Host any custom home screen plugin within Facade panels
  • Appointments and Tasks - Powerful combined display including both appointments and tasks in a single section
  • PIM Integration - Special integration with all major PIMs: SBSH Calendar, Pocket Outlook, Pocket Informant, AgendaOne and Agendus
  • Category Icons and Colors - Use category icons and colors as part of your agenda display! Includes automatic use of SBSH Calendar category icons and configuration
  • Monthly Calendar - Monthly calendar tab shows the days of each month within a Facade tab
  • More Weather - Integration with SBSH PocketWeather revamped, including new forecast weather buttons and current temperature
  • Skin Packages - Designers can now create installable layout packages, simplifying skin installation to a single file
  • MRU Buttons - Most recently used button shortcuts now available
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 - Fully compatible with Windows Mobile 5 through 6.5 devices

SBSH Facade 2 for Smartphones offers a myriad of new features! More information about the new features with this new release can be found on our forums at the following URL:

Upgrade Details

Users who registered Facade 1.x before July 1st 2009 are entitled to upgrade to the new version for only $7.95. User can complete the upgrade to the new version at the following URL:

* Full upgrade details will also be emailed to all our registered users within the next 72 hours.

Users who registered Facade 1.x on or after July 1st 2009 are entitled to upgrade for free. Users entitled to a free upgrade will receive an email including free upgrade information within the next 72 hours.

Because this is a major version release we recommend uninstalling the latest version before installing the new one.

Pricing and Availability

Facade 2 costs $14.95

Facade 2 can be purchased using the SBSH Online Store using the following URL:

Downloads and Support

SBSH Facade 2 trial version can be downloaded at the following URL:

For any additional questions/suggestions we invite you to post at our forums:
Click here to enter SBSH forums

Or you can contact our support team with any inquiry at the following URL:

About SBSH Mobile Software

SBSH Mobile Software is a rapidly growing software firm specializing in the mobile market, developing software solutions for Windows Mobile, Symbian S60, BlackBerry RIM and iPhone/iPod Touch devices. We offer a variety of best-selling applications for the fast growing mobile market, enhancing end-users experience and providing added-value for mobile devices.

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Press and media contact:
Avishay Naamat.

SBSH invites members of the press to get familiar with our applications. Contact us today at to receive a complimentary copy of our applications.

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