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Tech More: Google Google Glass Google Glasses Project Glass

Hands-On Review Of Google's Glasses: 'Kind Of Awesome'

  • Jay Yarow
  • Feb. 22, 2013, 12:33 PM
  • 31,691
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Google's computerized glasses, Google Glass, have been generating a lot of buzz this week after it released a bunch of promotional material. 

As interesting as Google Glass looks, we really have no idea about whether or not it actually works as advertised. Google has been pretty strict about access to its still in development glasses.

It let down its guard a little with Josh Topolsky, editor in chief of tech site The Verge. He got some hands on (or is it eyes on?) time with Google Glass.

While he didn't spend enough time with Google Glass to deliver a definitive review, his first impressions of using Google Glass are overwhelmingly positive. He writes, "What’s it actually like to have Glass on? To use it when you’re walking around? Well, it’s kind of awesome."

He was skeptical about Google Glass before testing it. He didn't think anyone would want to wear it. But after a few minutes of using Google Glass, he's a believer.

Here's what he likes about Glass:

  • The little lens that floats above your eye is "clean, elegant, and makes relative sense."
  • Taking photos is with just a flick of your hand or a voice command is "amazingly powerful."
  • The ability to read a text message or email while walking down the street without having to pull out your phone is "a simple concept that feels powerful in practice."
  • Navigation when you're walking around New York City is also very handy.
  • He also likes the way they look: "The design of Glass is actually really beautiful. Elegant, sophisticated."

And here's what he's not so keen on:

  • The voice interactions didn't always work. You have to be very careful with how you speak.
  • If you lose your data connection, Glass is useless. Data comes from either wifi or tethering to your iPhone or Android.
  • Wearing Google Glass made him feel "self-conscious."
  • If you're on a date, or at a movie, or talking to someone, he thinks it will be weird to wear Glass. 

Overall, he was into it. If he could have paid $1,500 for Glass right there and then, he would have done it.

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