Free The Fox


Free The Fox is a loader used to start firefox with a specific profile. My inicial goal was to have firefox+profile in a USB pendrive and use it on any windows computer (also take a look at PortableFirefox which is more user friendly).

On later thoughts, this program can also be useful to users that run multiple firefox versions and profiles on one computer. For users that update firefox regularly, FTF has a great feature: It can create a new profile and import settings from the previous profile with just editing “Free The Fox.ini”. Very important for me is that FTF allows me to have a clear folder structure for firefox+profiles.

Currently there are two versions of Free The Fox: v0.2.1 for Firefox 1.0.x, and v0.3.1 for Firefox 1.5 betas.

When you want a new profile, you just have to edit the .ini and write the name of the folder where you want it to be created, Free The Fox will do the rest. Here’s the prompt when it detects that you want a new profile:


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