Carnival of the Cats #462

Posted by Ritzi on 20.January.13

Finally, Mog gives me something to do sides sleep, eat, roll on the concrete and get love.


I lay in sunpuddles too.

Cats and cat toys, what could be a more purrfect combination? These colorful feather toys are tops. I approve.

Roamer enjoyes the almost purrfect Sunday, would be more purrfect if someone adopted him.

Nikita reports on cat show contestants, that could get dangerous. In Mog’s case it did. It’s a long story, maybe she’ll tell it sometime.

Not to be content with just a few, here’s more. They do the most amazing things. I wouldn’t do that mind you, napping and getting petted are my thing.

Elvira reports on the doings of her human, seems he can learn new tricks.

Now Snorfy here knows how to do it right, relaxing. I dig it.

What does Maddie do when it snows, why lay in sunpuddles. Inside.

Man, these cats know how to live, well Samantha does. Clementine is a bit more adventurous.

Thanks all for entering. Nikita and Elvira host next week so send in those submissions.

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  1. spacer Elvira and Nikita 20.January.13 at 19:39:40

    Yay! Thanks for hosting!

    Great job. spacer
    Elvira and Nikita´s last blog post ..Who Says an Old Human Can’t Learn New Tricks?

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