Obama-Sasha and Malia upset

May 10, 2012

Mr. Obama sits comfortably in New York offices of ABC news tonight,  just a few days after his statement on gay marriage to present some additional information that he felt would have a profound effect on his campaign efforts, the ABC host offered him another cup of tea, and as he faced the camera,  this is what he said:

I am back tonight to discuss some information that I think is very relevant because I spent some time with the girls in the last few days and they relayed some important information to me. Information that I think will move my campaign to another level. Both of my girls were upset after the last interview, so I want to clarify a few things and relay to you what is on their minds.

Sasha wanted to talk to me first, and she was a bit upset. Sasha says that nearly half of her class has a parent who is not able to find a job. When she asked how long this has been occuring, at least half her class indicates,” for the last 3 years.” In fact, some of these kids have two parents out of work. These kids are rather embarassed because they have to rely on school free lunches in order to have food supplied. Sasha also was a bit upset because she says that some of the kids reminded her that her dad had promised to fix this problem 3 years ago and had pledged that his stimulus plan, although it costed trillions of dollars, would be the answer.  Sasha wanted me to discuss this with you honestly and transparently so that I can come up with a solution.

Malia, on the other hand was also upset, because she also had some friends with concerns about my past performance. She said that many kids  were angry because her and Malia had been on so many vacations, “all over the world.” In fact Malia said, one particular friend of hers had gay parents who were both unemployed after being laid off two years ago. Malia suggested that we scale those vacations back and apologize to the American people, and give that money back to the taxpayers in America. I feel that to make any headway with my campaign, I have to be transparent, and open as I stated I would back in 2008.

If we have these open conversations about how poor the economy is, together we can come up with a solution to repair it. As far as gay marriage, I have to say Malia also was a bit worried over the recent statement that involved her name. She said, ”Dad, my friends are glad you support gay marriage, but how can they rely on you to fulfill promises, since none of the things you said in 2008 have came true?

So, as you all can see, I have some work to do. I need to make some efforts to pay my restitutions to the American people, work on the tanking economy,  and start taking repsonsiblity for the current state of the economy. Once these things are done, I will again, offer my verbal support of gay marriage. Since it is mostly approved at the state level. After the 2012  campaign, the states will all take up the issue to make sure it all works out for everyone.  I promise I will work on transparency, as well as my what my campaign says, “forward.”

With that, goodnight to the American people.

And when will these crazy diversion tactics end? When will Mr. Obama speak on his record, the economy, jobs, the national debt? Who knows, he has so many free passes!

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