An investment banker by profession, a designer by passion and a blog-o-holic by choice.

About the Author

This site is the personal blog of Ajay D’Souza.

I am an Investment Banker by profession, but I’ve been a blogger since October 2003, when I first created this site. Prior to that I dabbled my hand at web design, desktop theme design (during the days of Windows 98 and Me).

This site serves as my personal weblog. In addition to this, you will also find my WordPress Themes and Plugins.

Besides this blog I also run my tech blog titled Techtites and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – His Life, all His Works and more. I also have a tiny domain registration service through WebberZone.


In order to comment on this site I request you to adhere to these rules. They are extremely easy to follow.
Any non-compliance with these rules will result in me banning you from this blog.

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