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Why Quaffers and SplitShooters
Add Excitement! - Pour more liquor!

(12% pour cost)
You can't over pour

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Quaffer Double Bubble Shot Cups


What is a Quaffer? The Quaffer is the patented Double Bubble Shot Cup with a built-in chaser that allows you to serve/consume bomb shots in style! The bomb shot cups measures 2.25 oz on the bottom and 1 oz on top. You put any chaser in the bottom of the shot cup and any liquor on top. The liquids will stay separated in the shot cups until consumed. To drink... tilt your head back, let the liquids flow and enjoy... This chaser shot cup is guaranteed to be the best bomb shot glass you've ever had!
SplitShooters are bomb shot cups that hold the Liquor and Chaser side by side (SplitShooters bomb shots are a hard Polystyrene reusable plastic) SplitShooter bomb shot Trays are also available (Trays hold 20 Shooters) SplitShooters measure .5oz on the small side and 1oz. You can pour the liquor on either side of the shot cup depending on your combination or you can use it like a regular shot glass and pour a 1.5oz shot or 1.25oz (pouring short).

How to Pour
Pour the chaser up to the neck.
Slowly start pouring the liquor against the inside of the shot cup.
Avoid pouring the liquor directly in the hole to keep separated.
Fill to desired height. Pouring a bit short is an ounce.

To Drink:
Tip head back.
Let liquids flow until empty.
Repeat as needed.


Promoting the Quaffer/SplitShooter shot cups
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Stack Quaffer shot cups on any speed tray. Quaffer shot cups are bottom heavy so no special tray is needed. Send a waitress out with a tray full of Quaffers and she will comeback empty everytime! SplitShooter shot cups have custom trays that fit 20 SplitShooter shot cups!

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