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spacer Philosopher Phil muses about all the questions in our lives that we should be asking. Sure, Plato had some interesting thoughts. Aristotle made some minor contributions. But it was only Philosopher Phil who had the courage, the fortitude, and the insight to ask: “If a vegetarian eats vegetables, does a humanitarian eat humans?” Indeed, these are valuable philosophical thoughts for our time.

spacer Skeptical 3rd World Wayne is extremely skeptical of white people, especially ones that look similar to Angelina Jolie. Every time she comes around, one of his younger friends disappears. He is deeply disturbed about things that he hears about the 1st world, and their “problems”, and doesn’t trust anything that white person says to him.

spacer Suddenly Sue is not a particularly clever meme. But suddenly she’s realize something really important.

spacer Scumbag Scott, there exist many scumbag memes on the internet, and one of them is Scumbag Scott. We all have probably known a Scumbag Scott or ten in our lives, and this meme personifies that person who thinks he is the proverbial “all that and a bag of chips”, while really, he is just a total douche. Some of Scumbag Scott’s attributed notable quotes include “Hey can I Borrow Everything?” and “Do You Want the Red Pill? Both”.

spacer Big Bad Betty is a girl who is a bit overweight with a huge appetite. Just note the cake on her right shoulder, c’mere. If you are close to her when she is hungry, run for your life. She will probably eat you.

spacer Bad Luck Bob is a meme with extremely bad luck. When you thought it could not get worse, it got worse. Just look at these examples “Confesses to a crime on death bed, Survives” and “My girlfriend got pregnant, Virgin.”

spacer Suspicious Sam is a suspicious little baby who observe things and make his own interpretation of different situations.

spacer Success Steve spouting off all kinds of relevant and topical wisdom. Perhaps not always in the best of taste (e.g. “Get Sick on Friday – Three day weekend”), Success Steve nonetheless is hilarious and witty, saying many of the things we wish we could say but don’t have the guts to.

spacer Problem Pete is a Japanese or an Eskimo with lots of everyday problems. Some of his problems seems a bit silly, but other problems are some we encounter every day.

spacer Good Guy Gary is a refreshingly nice meme, a rare sort in the meme world. He may seem irresponsible at first, but once you get to know him, he’s a hilariously helpful guy. Notable examples of Good Guy Gary include his picture with the lines: “Disappears for half an hour – shows up with Burger King for everyone”, “Downloads a movie – Seeds until 1 ratio”, and “Gets Rick Roll’d – Listens until the end”.

spacer De Fuhrer is Adolf Hitler himself. He has a Troll Smile that symbolizes a crazy and insane man with many twisted thoughts. “I said glass of juice – Not gas the jews!”

spacer High Hank is a really stoned meme. He likes Bob Marley, marijuana and beer. “It’s Friday Night – Wanna go smoke a beer?”

spacer Forever Stallone is the sad and lonely side of Stallone. After many years of fame and steroid abuse he is not the same guy he used to be. Some quotes “In the movies I’m cool, but in real life – NOOB!” and “Has condom in wallet – It expires!”

spacer Arnold The Great is probably the greatest meme that exists on the Internet. There are no questions that are too difficult for him. He has all the answers. “Oh so you are heart broken about the school shootings? Tell me, what do you think about the 22,000 kids who die everyday from hunger?”

spacer Awesome Albert is one of the smartest meme on the Internet. The thing about smart people is that they look like crazy people to dumb people. Some awesome quotes “They wanted a healing for the Nation – I suggested marijuana.” and “Intellectuals solve problems – Geniuses prevent them!”

spacer Ugly Ben is a meme that is ugly on the outside but really nice on the inside.

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