2012 Creativity+Commerce Competition Winners

The Creativity+Commerce competition is Print’s
annual showcase of the best in business graphics, from corporate logos
and annual reports to websites, branding campaigns, and packaging.
Below, you will find all of the above, as well as several posters, two
holiday cards, a New York City retail store, and the program for a
Gustav Mahler biennial in Bamberg, Germany.
Whatever their format, this year’s winners and runners-up share an
admirable clarity that caught the eyes of our judges, David Heasty and
Stefanie Weigler, of Brooklyn’s Triboro Design. “There was a directness
to the work that we found comforting,” they write. “Much of it was
devoid of the insider language and corporate visual clichés that often
alienate audiences and impair communication. Whether this derives from
any particular zeitgeist of 2012, or simply the challenges of addressing
an audience that is ever more prone to distraction, is hard to say. The
best work here seemed to offer respect for the audience, seeking to
engage it in a conversation, with the positive effect of humanizing the
businesses’ sales pitch and making it more approachable.” Given the
challenges of the current economic climate, you couldn’t ask for a
better appraisal of graphic design in the business world.
Design Firm: Baillat Cardell et fils (Montreal)
Art Directors: Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Guillaume Cardell
Designers: Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Catherine
D’Amours,Guillaume Cardell, Lea Behr, Mélanie Martin, Vincent Raineri, Arthur Maserati, Programming:
Daniel Iregui, Music: Jean-Sébastien Roux
Client: MUTEK
2nd PLACE: Where the Wind Blows

Design Firm: Leo Burnett Chicago (Chicago)
Chief Creative Officer: Susan Credle

Designers: Alisa Wolfson, Jason McKean, Kyle Poff
Illustrators: The Leo Burnett Dept. of Design
Photographers: The Leo Burnett Dept. of Design
Copywriters: Susan Credle, David Schermer, Alisa Wolfson, Jason McKean, Craig Shparago
Producer: Laura Stern

3rd PLACE: Swirl by Daily Candy
Design Firm: Apartment One (Brooklyn)
Illustrator: Miss Capricho
Client: Comcast Interactive Media
Kantorwassink 2010 Holiday Card
Design Firm: Kantorwassink (Grand Rapids, MI)
Art Director: Wendy Wassink

Copywriter: Dave Kantor
Signature Posters
Design Firm: Design Army (Washington, D.C.)
Art Directors: Pum Lefebure, Jake Lefebure
Designers/Illustrators: Lucas Badger, Sucha Becky, Charles Calixto, Eric Rother

Client: Signature Theatre
Khan Academy Posters and Icons
Design Firm: Thornberg & Forester (New York City)
Creative Director: Justin Meredith, Scott Matz

Designers: Josh Cohen, Kyle Miller, Keith Endow
La Critique
Design Firm: Baillat Cardell et fils (Montreal)
Art Directors: Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Guillaume Cardell
Animation and editing: Vincent Raineri, Mélanie Martin, Guillaume Cardell;
Illustrator: Stéphane Poirier

Writing: Steve Savage, Music: Jean-Patrice Rémillard
Mountain Equipment Co-op 40th Anniversary Campaign
Design Firm: Mountain Equipment Co-op (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Creative director: Judy Snaydon
Designers: Dianne Semark, Amy Lau, Kristin Liu
Illustrators: Pascal Colpron, Luke Ramsey, Ray Fenwick
Copywriters: Merran Fahlman, Philip Torrens, Nora O’Malley, Michelle van der Merwe

Production Designer(s): Andrea Wortmann, Michael Cadamia

I Am Waters
Design Firm: 14-forty (Los Angeles)

Creative Director: Pam Patterson
Art Director: Benjamin Nicolas

Designer: Dain Blodorn
Photographer: Peter Duke

Copywriter: Elena Davis
Client: I Am Waters Foundation
Penney Design Group Identity
Design Firm: