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International Flower Delivery

MEGAFLOWERS is a reputable international flower delivery firm that provides excellent services to its esteemed customers all around the globe, with the major service provisions in many different areas and cities in Russia including Zaraysk and Stupino. Although Russia receives the bulk of what is offered, these services have been extensively been moved to other cities around Europe and America, creating a reliable base for flower delivery to customers in need of superior services. They deliver all bouquets that suit your auspicious occasion promptly no delays experienced whatsoever. In any of the destined country and city, you are sure to get your flowers fresh and promptly delivered, carefully and exceptionally packaged to give it a superior touch, whether it is a birthday, wedding, professional holiday or victor day.

The company supplies all kinds of International flowers including the exotic kinds, Altromerias, Iresis and lilies that suit specific occasions, in additional to these they also supply chrysanthemums, gerbera, tulips, sunflowers and roses at quite affordable prices. Some of the popular flowers available for your pick are night star, disco dance, transparent foam, and houte courte, and with the required quality standards of the company and availability of the variety you will always have the best choice. The services and products are always tailor made, you are sure to get quality products at relatively cheap prices. Discounts offered on flowers and reliable payment methods of your choice make the experience more rewarding, deliveries are guaranteed and this is made possible by the marketing networks of outlet flower shops around the world, in addition excellent transport and communication networks is used by the company to deliver the fresh flowers on time.

The range of flowers available provides an excellent opportunity to choose exactly what you require, after placing an order you are sure within a period of 24 hours to have your package delivered. The international flowers delivery are well taken care of by a team of highly trained and qualified staff, swift service delivery and customer satisfaction has always been key in this business transactions. By contacting the experienced florist managers of MEGAFLOWERS Company, you will be personally attended to and receive professional florist advice basing on your requirements. Whether it’s a simple show of gratitude to the mother of a new born, or a complex corporate event of great significance, the managers always handle each case separately to avoid delays because each event is unique in nature.


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3. You will get an email report and SMS notification when your order is completed.

Our Guarantees

We are proud to offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are ever unsatisfied with the quality of our service, a full refund will be sent to you at no charge. guarantees you the highest quality of the goods ordered and minimum delivery time of 2 hours. Our flower delivery service offers the most reliable system of guarantees.

We appreciate every customer so we do our best to make you satisfied with our work.

In addition, you will have the ability to track the order status online through your personal account on our website or through SMS-notifications.

Megaflowers — a 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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Morning dew

The feeling of freshness and purity with emphases of passion.

Love hypnosis

The charming bouquet with royal orchids for the beloved one.

Gipsy Aza

The presenting of ponceau roses is a romantic way to express your admiration to a lady.


Fireworks of shades represented by this bouquet will remind for a long time of a joyous event.

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