The Bend archives are in disarray. After 7 years of changing the site and servers, and changing my mind about continuing, it's become a bit of a maze. I've linked a few parts here that I like (they aren't in any particular order).
If you want to delve deeper, just click around, there's a lot of junk on my server. Thanks.
Oh, and please let me know if you find any broken links and I'll try to fix them.

OLD NOWS : The first almost daily "Now" or "blog" section of Bend. Started in late 1999.

BENDEAR : Music download station. All legit.

BOARD GRAPHICS : An almost up-to-date archive of some board graphics I've done for Girl over the years.

HEAD FACTORY : Online documentation of Bend Zines #11 and #15.

FACTORY : Some photos of my first band, Factory, from back in 1987.

WORDS : This is, essentially, all the written bits I did for Level magazine back in '99 and '00.

SPAIN JOURNAL : Just what it says. Journally a trip to Spain in 2001.

THREE ROOMS : A sort of experimental web piece. 1999.

THE DIURNAL PROJECT : Every day for quite some time, I posted a Diurnal (daily) Drawing from whomever sent one in. There was, of course, a culling of the contributions — I recieved hundreds. This link is a list of the participating artists and their drawings. '01 - '04.

THE DIURNAL PROJECT Round 4: Same as the previous Diurnal Project, but not nearly as successful in attrating drawers. 2008.

THE COVERS : For a while I did different front pages (almost) every day. From 1/02 - 10/03

RESPONSE : The letters section. It ran from 2/00 - 4/01.

RESPONSE, TACTILE DIVISION : The last of the snail mail coorespondense? Not quite, these were just good ones.

THE DAYS FOLLOWING 9/11 : Letter from friends near and around the tragic day back in 2001.

HOT WAR LINKS : These were links to pertaining sites directly after the 9/11 disaster. Not too sure how many are still active.

THE BEND NICKNAMES : In the early '00s, I sold nicknames to the Friends of Bend (FOBs). I believe they were $10 each, but I can't remember.

THE BEND B TEAM : Short pieces of writing and art from a few people I admire. Check out Megan's and Tony's in particular.

EMMET'S FONT : My son wrote out the alphabet and friend, Rodger Bridges made it a working font. You can download it free here.

BEND WALLPAPERS : Free downloads for your desktop.

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