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CyberChimps Free is an advanced Responsive Starter Theme for WordPress. It is built on Twitter Bootstrap, and features a fully responsive design, and touch friendly Drag and Drop theme options that work on the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

CyberChimps Free is designed for anyone looking to build their own website including first time WordPress users, graphic designers, and developers who want a 6-month head start on the competition.

Advanced Features:

  • An advanced touch friendly responsive theme options panel that is configurable on any device.
  • Truly responsive design that responds to mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • Touch friendly Drag and Drop Elements including Custom Drag and Drop Header and logo options, Slider lite, Portfolio lite, Boxes, and Twitter bar. Upgrade to CyberChimps Pro for new Elements and dozens of more advanced features for existing Elements.
  • Touch friendly Drag and Drop Options on a per-page basis allowing you control the look and feel of every page.
  • A minimalistic, modern design perfect for using Custom CSS or child theming.
  • A great starter theme for new users, graphic designers, and developers to build powerful themes with intuitive options.
  • Powered by Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3.

Why Go Pro?

  • Simple pricing, multi-use GPL license – purchase it once and use it on as many websites or projects as you want.
  • Continued support for the latest and greatest versions of WordPress.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade now!

Upgrade to CyberChimps Pro


CyberChimps Free is one of the most advanced Premium WordPress Themes in the world and is released under the GNU GPL v2. CyberChimps Free can be used on as many website as you want. CyberChimps Free is optimized for WordPress 3.4, Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and Internet Explorer 9 and 10 (but does not support Internet Explorer 6, 7, or PHP4).

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